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Corona vaccination compulsory from January: Clinics in Bavaria are rushing forward

The corona vaccination requirement in hospitals is causing unrest among employees. Several clinics are now rushing forward.

Munich – In Germany, from mid-March 2022, there will be a compulsory corona vaccination * for hospital and clinic staff as well as employees of care services. In other words: Anyone who has not been fully (twice) vaccinated against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus or has recovered from the Covid-19 disease cannot and may not continue to be employed by the employer.

A clinic company from Bavaria is apparently not planning fast enough: The corona vaccination obligation will be introduced at numerous hospitals at the beginning of January 2022. The hospital company Artemed announced. The clinic management stated that the reason for rushing ahead was that the protection of “very vulnerable patients” was “absolutely paramount”. This is reported by Bayerischer Rundfunk – and refers, among other things, to hospitals in Augsburg or Tutzing, where mandatory vaccinations will be introduced earlier.

Corona vaccination obligation from January 2022: Hospitals have been planning measures since summer

The early corona vaccination requirement affects around 7500 employees. Artemed managing director Rainer Salfeld explained to the BR that the measure had been in preparation since summer 2021. Since then, medical examiners have had personal discussions with the nursing and hospital staff.

According to Saalfeld, the vaccination rate in the affected clinics is around 96 percent. “So far, we have only been unable to convince 82”, emphasized the managing director in an interview. However, he expressed the hope that the Novavax vaccine * would have an approval effect. Some of the so far unvaccinated employees want to be vaccinated with it. *

Corona vaccination obligation in clinics: termination or exemption?

The managing director of the hospital company also stated that all employees who are not vaccinated against Corona will be released from 01.01.2022. Should the pandemic end, they could go back to work. “Those are valued employees – we want them to be vaccinated, but we don’t want them to quit,” Saalfeld told the BR. (tu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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