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Corona vaccination deaths: Lisa Fitz spreads false statements on TV

Lisa Fitz gives wrong numbers about corona vaccination deaths in a program of the SWR. Although the broadcaster confirms this, it defends the cabaret artist’s contribution.

Frankfurt – The cabaret artist Lisa Fitz spread false statements about the consequences of vaccinations to protect against corona in the SWR program “Spätschicht”. Although the broadcaster has since confirmed this, a spokeswoman defended the broadcast of the report against the Taz. Lisa Fitz had spread conspiracy myths before and gained recognition, especially in the right-wing scene.

The contribution, which can be found under the title “Lisa Fitz vs. Jens Spahn” in the ARD media library, lasts around seven minutes. In it, the cabaret artist described the sometimes gloomy prognoses for the Corona variant Omikron as scaremongering: “After Delta and Omikron, there are xanthip and zombie mutants from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and things-what-I-forget-it -then. The main thing is that the panic stays fresh. “

Corona false statements in the SWR: Lisa Fitz uses lateral thinker rhetoric

With a rhetoric that can also be found in the lateral thinker scene, the 70-year-old continued to describe the politically responsible in the SWR contribution as incapable. The “super ministers” had no more clue than the rest of the population, just more expensive advisors, she said, adding: “Then there are one percent alarmists who control 99 percent lemmings.” Fitz also described the changing scientific findings as “ Confusion of rules “and said:” What was true yesterday is wrong today, have you noticed? “

Surname Lisa Fitz
birth date September 15, 1951
place of birth Zurich
job Cabaret artist, actress and singer.

While these statements were opinions, Lisa Fitz also presented unchecked numbers as facts. 5000 people had died as a result of corona vaccinations. As the Taz reports, Fitz took these figures from an application by EU politician Virginie Joron of the right-wing extremist Rassemblement National party in France. With the words “The European Parliament has applied for a fund for the victims of the Covid 19 vaccines”, the cabaret artist did not mention that the application was rejected by Parliament.

Corona: SWR defends false statements about vaccinations from Lisa-FItz

The spokeswoman for the SWR, on the other hand, defended the false statements about the corona vaccine with freedom of expression. Accordingly, one did not want to reject the “sensitive contribution” in order to avoid a possible accusation of censorship in public broadcasting. The moderator of the “late shift” Florian Schröder also announced Lisa Fitz’s contribution by stating that diversity of opinion counts in the program: “And that’s why there is now an opinion that I absolutely don’t share and that is still allowed to take place here.” Compared to the Taz However, the SWR conceded that the named numbers of vaccination deaths were “in all probability not reliable”. (vbu)

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