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Corona vaccine for children soon? Stiko brakes, Karliczek hopes – PK with Spahn and Wieler GLEICH Live

Children and young people are already allowed to get Biontech in the USA. When in Germany? That will probably also be the topic of the current Corona press conference. The news ticker.

  • A briefing on the corona situation in Germany is planned for this Wednesday (May 12).
  • Jens Spahn, Lothar Wieler and Anja Karliczek will speak to the media in Berlin from 11 a.m.
  • We will then keep you informed about the live stream at this point.

Berlin – Corona vaccination also for children – and possibly in May: The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is working on accelerated approval of the Biontech vaccine * for twelve to 15 year olds. EMA boss Emer Cooke told various European newspapers. The USA and Canada have already taken this step.

Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek – who will give a Corona PK today together with RKI * boss Lothar Wieler and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU *) – was confident. For children between six months and twelve years it will “probably take a while,” said the CDU politician of the Rheinische Post .

Family vacation despite Corona? Minister of Education optimistic for the summer

Where should the vaccinations take place? According to Karliczek, either in schools or with family doctors. For many parents, however, it is important to be there when their children are vaccinated, the minister said. “So it might even be easier to do it at the family doctor,” she told RTL / ntv .

Karliczek assumes that families can travel in summer, including abroad. “A large number of us all will then be vaccinated and the tests also create increasing security,” she told the newspaper. In schools, especially in elementary schools, tests will have to be continued even after the holidays.

Stiko chairman: want to carefully check corona vaccination for children

The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) urges patience. “In any case, we want to carefully check the data on the vaccination of children before a general vaccination recommendation for children can be given,” said Stiko Chairman Thomas Mertens of the newspaper Welt .

“Arguments currently being discussed such as vacation cannot be the primary decision-relevant arguments of Stiko.” If approval is granted for children from 12 to 15 years, “then children with serious pre-existing illnesses should actually be vaccinated first”.

RKI reports new Germany numbers: Corona incidence has fallen

To accelerate the vaccination campaigns in Europe, the EU Commission wants to force the supply of the member states with the corona vaccine from Astrazeneca *. Then, with a total of 120 million cans in the first half of the year, the manufacturer would deliver as much as it had originally contractually promised for the first three months. The Belgian judiciary is responsible for the case.

This Wednesday morning, the RKI reports 14,909 new registered corona infections and 268 new deaths or with Covid-19. That is around 3,100 fewer infections than last Wednesday. The nationwide 7-day incidence * fell from 115.4 the previous day to 107.8. It is an essential yardstick for tightening or relaxing corona requirements. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIEN

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