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Corona vaccine Novavax: when will the vaccine be available in which federal state?

The Stiko now also recommends vaccinations with the vaccine Novavax. When and where the vaccine is available in the different federal states.

Berlin – The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has now issued its recommendation for the Corona vaccine Novavax. Although this can still be changed, the vaccine is currently recommended for people aged 18 and over. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women are exempt from the Stiko. Novavax is to be used for basic immunization. Two doses should be given at least three weeks apart. But what distinguishes the vaccine from the other corona vaccines?

In addition to mRNA vaccines, such as Biontech and Moderna, or vector vaccines (Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson), there are also vaccines based on proteins. This includes Novavax. The so-called spike protein from Sars-CoV-2 is used and reproduced en masse in cell cultures. In addition, an effect enhancer (a so-called adjuvant) is added to strengthen the immune response. After the vaccination, the human immune system forms antibodies against the protein, so a corona infection can be warded off. But in which federal states is the Novavax vaccine available and when.

Der Impfstoff Novavax wird ab Ende Februar in Deutschland an die Bundesländer ausgeliefert.


The Novavax vaccine will be delivered to the federal states in Germany from the end of February.

Corona vaccine Novavax: when the vaccine will be available in Hesse and Lower Saxony

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccine should be delivered on February 21. A maximum of 140,000 Novavax vaccine doses will be dispensed with in Hesse. “In view of this initially rather manageable number, distributing small quantities to all medical practices does not make sense. That’s why we have agreed to initially only make Novavax available to the health authorities who can organize special vaccination appointments and local distribution,” said Hessian Health Minister Kai Klose (Greens).

Lower Saxony also gets a batch of the Novavax vaccine. Around 170,000 vaccine doses are expected. The Ministry of Social Affairs has now announced on its website how people who want to be vaccinated can get a vaccination appointment. These must be entered on a waiting list by calling 0800/9988665. As soon as the vaccine is available, they can receive an SMS with an appointment for vaccination.

Novavax vaccine: when and where it will be available in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria

In Baden-Württemberg, around 500,000 vaccine doses are expected to be delivered over the course of a few weeks from February 21st. So far, nothing is known about a registration process.

And how do you get the Novavax vaccine in Bavaria? According to the Ministry of Health, vaccination is expected to start in Bavaria from the beginning of March. However, vaccinations are not initially carried out in vaccination centers or medical practices. Because priority will be given to those who are affected by facility-related vaccination requirements. This includes employees in the health and care sector. The Bavarian broadcasting company expects that it could take at least until the end of March before other people willing to be vaccinated will also get a spade with the vaccine.

vaccine Nuvaxovid (NVX-CoV2373)
license holder US pharmaceutical company Novavax
Vaccine type and mode of action Protein-based vaccine that introduces virus-like particles into the body so that it can produce antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus
effectiveness According to the pivotal study, the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 fell by around 90 percent after two doses of Novavax’s Nuvaxovid® vaccine.
Source: Ministry of Health

Novavax vaccine: vaccinations in Berlin and Brandenburg

In Berlin, no date has yet been set for the start of the Novavax vaccination. Individual practices and vaccination facilities already offer waiting lists for vaccinations, reports the editorial network Germany (RND).

Brandenburg’s Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) says that the Novavax vaccine should initially be prioritized in Brandenburg. Nursing and medical staff should be given priority, i.e. all those for whom vaccination will be compulsory from mid-March. Vaccination of particularly vulnerable people should also have priority. There are initially 30,000 cans for Brandenburg, reports the RBB program Brandenburg Aktuell.

Corona vaccinations with Novavax in Bremen, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The vaccine should be available in Bremen at the end of February. The health department is currently setting up a registration list for those interested, explains a spokesman. According to the health authorities, it is not yet clear how many vaccine doses Bremen will receive.

It is not yet known when and for whom the Novavax vaccine will be available in Hamburg.

The Novavax vaccine is to be vaccinated in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from the end of February. “Both the state’s online tool and the state hotline are currently being prepared for the booking option,” says the Ministry of Health. According to Health Minister Stefanie Drese (SPD), a total of 76,000 doses should be available in the first few weeks, reports the NDR. Care workers who have not been vaccinated so far have priority.

Corona vaccine Novavax: when the vaccine will be available in NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland

In North Rhine-Westphalia, vaccination with the Novavax vaccine is expected to start at the end of February. In the event of high demand, however, this will initially be reserved for employees in the health care system, according to the state government. The state ministry is currently working on a distribution mechanism.

In Rhineland-Palatinate there should be no prioritization for the Novavax vaccine. The country expects the first delivery of Novavax’s vaccine at the end of February, Health Minister Clemens Hoch said. Interested parties have been able to register via the state’s vaccination portal since January 24. The first vaccinations with Novavax are expected to take place in the vaccination centers from February 21.

In Saarland, vaccinations are scheduled to start at the end of February. “We are currently planning to activate appointment bookings from February 5th via the state’s vaccination portal (,” says Minister of Health Monika Bachmann. However, a specific date for the start of appointment booking and vaccinations in the vaccination centers can only be given after the final delivery commitment and date.

Corona vaccination with Novavax in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

Vaccinations with the vaccine Nuvaxovid from the US manufacturer Novavax are expected to start in Saxony at the end of February. Appointments should be able to be arranged from the middle of the month. The German Red Cross (DRK) confirmed this to the MDR. Accordingly, the online booking portal is currently being revised so that in future a specific vaccine can be selected when making an appointment.
According to Saxony’s Minister of Social Affairs, Petra Köpping, the priority should be to reach people from the health and care sector who have not yet been vaccinated.

It is not yet known when and for whom the Novavax vaccine will be available in Saxony-Anhalt. The vaccine is to be delivered to the federal states from February 21.

Corona vaccine from Novavax: Appointments in Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia

In Schleswig-Holstein, appointments for vaccinations with Novavax are not expected to be booked until the end of February, according to the official website. According to the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVSH), delivery of the vaccine to the federal states will begin on February 21. Practices would probably not be able to order the Novavax vaccine until Q2.

Vaccination appointments for Novavax are not yet bookable in Thuringia. “As long as we don’t know what we’re getting, we can’t offer appointments at the vaccination centers,” said Jörg Mertz, vaccination manager at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. According to Mertz, Thuringia could get around 44,000 cans for the time being. (sne)

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