NewsCorona variant Omikron: First death in Great Britain

Corona variant Omikron: First death in Great Britain

In the middle of the fourth corona wave, the Omikron variant is also being discovered in Germany. Experts explain what makes them so dangerous – and what needs to be done.

  • The Corona variant * Omikron has already been discovered in numerous countries around the world. It is considered to be significantly more infectious than other mutations of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.
  • Booster vaccinations seem to significantly increase protection against Omikron *. This is shown by initial evaluations of vaccines.
  • The news situation on the Corona variant at a glance.

+++ 1 p.m.: In Great Britain there is the first death related to a corona infection of the Omicron variant. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday. “Sadly, Omikron leads to hospitalizations and unfortunately it has been confirmed that at least one patient has died from Omikron,” said Johnson during a visit to a vaccination clinic in London.

+++ 12.45 p.m.: The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer * apparently has a weaker effect against the circulating omicron variant of the corona virus. This is shown by a study that also examined the Astrazeneca * vaccine, for example. The study was based on population data from Great Britain. According to the scientists, however, the benefits of a booster vaccination became apparent. As a result, the vaccination protection has been significantly increased.

Biontech boss Ugur Sahin recently emphasized that a third vaccination would make sense in view of Omikron. “With regard to Omikron, two doses are not yet a completed vaccination with sufficient protection,” he told the news magazine Spiegel. “If Omikron continues to expand, it would make scientific sense to offer a booster after just three months,” said Sahin in an interview.

Corona-Variante Omikron


The Corona variant Omikron is considered more infectious compared to other mutations. (Symbol photo)

Omikron: Lauterbach reveals plans to avert the new corona wave

First report from Monday, December 13th, 2021, 9:30 a.m .: Berlin – The Corona variant Omikron is now also spreading in Germany – and at a dramatic time. Because: Even before the variant appeared, the nationwide incidence rose steadily. The number of cases of corona infections in Germany * has been high for weeks, the incidence at times above 400.

As reported by the Robert Koch Institute, the predominant variant in Germany is still the delta variant. * In calendar week 48, over 99 percent of citizens were still infected with this variant. Less than one percent became infected with the alpha variant * and Omikron. But the research results so far on the new mutant indicate that these numbers could soon increase significantly, and are getting experts from all over the world.

Corona variant Omikron: Model shows what makes the mutant so dangerous

Accordingly, the Corona variant Omikron avoids vaccination protection *. Virologist Sandra Ciesek already urged on Twitter that “the development of a vaccine adapted to Omikron makes sense”. At first glance, the research results on the course of the mutant seem like positive news. Because the variant could be more contagious, but not more deadly. But Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach * saw himself forced on Twitter to destroy even this faint hope.

In Deutschland breitet sich die Omikron-Variante des Coronavirus aus, Fachleute sind alarmiert. (Archivbild)


The Omikron variant of the coronavirus is spreading in Germany, experts are alarmed. (Archive image)
variant Share in calendar week 48 in Germany
delta 99.5 percent
alpha 0.1 percent
Omicron 0.1 percent
Source: RKI

Corona mutant Omikron: Karl Lauterbach shares worrying model

In his tweet, Lauterbach shared a model calculation by biologist Gasperowicz from the University of Calgary in Canada. The model shows the case numbers of three possible variants. One with quick transferability and a normal course of the disease, the other with high transferability that is comparatively “mild”. The deaths from the latter are just as high over time. The lowest number of deaths is found in the variant whose transferability is rather low and whose fatality is twice as high.

Lauterbach commented on the model with the words: “Here you can see again in the model calculation why Corona variants, which are much more contagious, kill significantly more people than more deadly ones that do not spread quickly. Severe course kills linearly, high contagion kills exponentially. That is where the danger from Omikron lies ”. But what can be done about it?

Lauterbach on Corona variant Omikron: “Booster vaccination incredibly valuable”

The new health minister also spoke about this. At Anne Will * on ARD *, he clearly relies on boosting. Because with the third vaccination, the protection increases again to 75 percent. The people who became infected despite the corona vaccination would usually not get seriously ill. “The booster vaccination is therefore incredibly valuable because we can both end the delta wave and avert the omicron wave,” says Lauterbach.

Therefore, the Federal Minister of Health wants to make booster vaccinations one of his priorities in the next few months. It is important to press down the delta wave now. Lauterbach expects that the first “anti-omicron vaccines” will be available from April or May. “If we have broken the delta wave by then and have pushed the omicron wave in front of us with the booster vaccination, then we can get through quite well,” says Lauterbach, ultimately giving hope. (slo / tu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Everett Collection/Imago Images

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