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Couple put dog to sleep after it bites baby – violent shitstorm in the network

YouTuber couple Nikki and Dan Philippi put their dog to sleep by hand after it bit their one-year-old son Logan.

Bull terrier Bowser had lived with Dan Phillippi for ten years. But recently the dog bit the YouTuber’s one-year-old son. Little Logan had tried to steal food from the dog. Fortunately, the one-year-old only suffered minor injuries. “I wanted to grab Bowser by the neck, take him to the backyard and put him to sleep right there,” the dog owner explains in a YouTube video. A little later the decision was made: The bull terrier should no longer live, * reports.

Because Bowser had often behaved conspicuously in the past. Its aggression potential is a result of an attack the bull terrier suffered as a puppy. At that time the male was attacked by another dog and suffered trauma. An animal welfare association had warned the couple that it would be difficult to find a new home for Bowser. So Nikki and Dan Phillippi used an euthanasia service that allowed the couple to euthanize the dog at home.

Links: Bowser im Schlaf, Rechts: Ein Einblick in das Fotoshooting zur vor Bowsers Einschläferung


Left: Bowser asleep, Right: An insight into the photo shoot before Bowser’s euthanasia

In a detailed YouTube video, the two tell their fans about the incident. What they probably would not have expected: Nikki and Dan Phillippi trigger a real shit storm. And one fact makes fans particularly angry: Before Bowser was put to sleep, Nikki and Dan Phillippi did a photo shoot with the dog – including the baby.

One angry follower wrote on Twitter: “How sick do you have to be to do a photo shoot with your ‘dangerously aggressive’ dog when you know you are about to end your life? Your dog is so aggressive, but you had no problem putting the baby down for a photo shoot before the murder? “

Another thinks: “Some dogs can’t live with children, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live.”

Nikki Phillippi’s Instagram has been private since the incident.

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