NewsCovid-19: This plant extract inhibits coronaviruses

Covid-19: This plant extract inhibits coronaviruses

Researchers have apparently discovered inhibitors for coronaviruses. A new study gives details.

Frankfurt – Since the beginning of the Corona * pandemic in spring 2020, research has been working intensively on the disease Covid-19 and the pathogen Sars-CoV-2, which can cause the disease. As has already been observed many times with virus infections, a type of messenger substance often ensures that both the innate and the learned immune system are suppressed or weakened. In this way, the spread of pathogens, such as coronaviruses, is promoted by producing fewer immune cells.

The focus of science is on the tissue hormone “Prostaglandin E2” – “PGE2” for short. It helps the coronavirus to reproduce. Researchers are therefore investigating how the hormone can be promoted. A study by the medical university in Hanover and the university in Marburg recently examined the phenomenon. It was published in the specialist magazine Plos One – and points out that not all Covid-19 diseases are the same. Certain factors, such as age and gender, therefore play a major role. Recently, for example, researchers have solved the riddle of why more men than women die of Covid-19. * The study states that older men in particular who do little physical exercise are at risk.

Covid-19: Older men with sedentary lifestyle more prone to coronavirus

“We received […] lung tissue and blood samples from patients seriously ill with Covid-19 and found significantly increased PGE2 levels,” explain Melanie Ricke-Hoch and Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner. In addition, significantly fewer defense cells, so-called B cells, were found.

According to the scientists, physical exercise is a way of lowering PGE2 levels – and in this way being less susceptible to coronaviruses. In addition to sporting activity, the level of the hormone can also be lowered through a special treatment, as the research team reports.

The substance “Taxifolin” can therefore contribute to lowering the PGE2 level. It is obtained from the wood of the larch tree and is sold in Germany as a dietary supplement. According to the study, taxifolin apparently acts like a kind of inhibitor for the viruses. However, the researchers point out that further studies are necessary in this field in order to finally recommend larch extract. “However, further studies must first clarify whether this is an option as a preventive measure for high-risk patients,” says Ricke-Hoch. (tu) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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