NewsCrown Princess Amalia secretly engaged? Now the government is...

Crown Princess Amalia secretly engaged? Now the government is speaking

Crown Princess Amalia’s private life is attracting more and more public interest. Recently there was even speculation about a secret engagement.

The Hague – Since she came of age last December, Crown Princess Amalia has become more and more the center of attention at the Dutch royal court. The daughter of Willem-Alexander (54) and Máxima (50) is being prepared more for her role as future queen, but she has kept her private affairs under lock and key as much as possible. Of course, there is still a keen interest in everyday life and especially in the relationship life of the heir to the throne*.

Crown Princess Amalia secretly engaged? Now the government is speaking

Amalia was spotted in public with a young man for the first time last winter, according to the Dutch press. In New York City, the two are said to have seemed familiar and in love *, eyewitnesses reported at the time. Just a little later, reports circulated that the Crown Princess had been in safe hands for months and had given her heart to a German millionaire’s son*. However, the palace has always kept an iron silence on all speculation of this kind. Amalia’s statement in her biography that she likes German boys put the rumors in a completely different light.

Kronprinzessin Amalia schaut zur Seite und lächelt verschmitzt (Symbolbild).


Crown Princess Amalia’s private life arouses great interest among the Dutch (symbol image).

At the beginning of the year, Amalia and her boyfriend are said to have left for a skiing holiday together. At the same time reports were circulating that the daughter of King Willem-Alexander* and Queen Máxima* had gotten engaged! Even if the veracity of this headline was immediately doubted, even the Dutch government has now commented on the claims.

Crown Princess Amalia secretly engaged? Probably not an upcoming wedding

At the request of “Shownieuws”, the government information service made a brief but clear statement on the engagement rumors surrounding Crown Princess Amalia*. “If there really is an engagement, we will announce it. We do not comment on rumours,” the statement said, according to the Beaumonde portal.

König Willem-Alexander, Kronprinzessin Amalia und Königin Máxima stehen nebeneinander (Symbolbild).


What would Willem-Alexander and Máxima say if Amalia got engaged when she was just 18? (icon picture)

It can therefore be assumed that no wedding bells will ring in the Dutch royal family* in the next few months. Before the heir to the throne decides to take such a significant step, there are still a few other milestones on her agenda*. For example, the 18-year-old wants to start studying in the near future. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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