NewsDutch royal family scraps fans' beloved tradition

Dutch royal family scraps fans' beloved tradition

A favorite tradition of the Dutch royal family is now a thing of the past. But there is still good news from the palace.

The Hague – If you ask Dutch Royal fans about their favorite dates, two specific performances end up at the top of the list of favourites. Twice a year – in February and July – King Willem-Alexander (54) and his family appear in front of the cameras, but in the future this popular tradition should no longer be continued as before, as reported by *.

Dutch royal family scraps fans’ beloved tradition

The Dutch Royals * have been holding on to their big photo shoots for years, but the first meeting in 2022, which should have taken place soon, was canceled – for several reasons! According to media reports, the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (government information service), RDV for short, recently announced that the royal family would only be photographed when they were complete.

At the end of February, King Willem-Alexander* and Queen Máxima (50) usually travel with their daughters to Lech in Austria, where they pose for the photographers as part of their skiing holiday. Since Princess Amalia* (18) is currently doing an internship abroad and her younger sister Alexia (16) goes to school in Wales*, only baby Ariane (14) can keep her parents company this time. However, the absence of the teenagers who have been flown out is not the only reason for the cancellation, a large meeting with the press is also not possible due to the current corona restrictions.

Die niederländische Königsfamilie steht im Garten ihrer Residenz Schloss Huis ten Bosch.


The Dutch royal family is continuing a beloved tradition in a modified form.

Dutch royal family: No complete cancellation of the photo ops

Photo session number two has always taken place shortly before the summer holidays, in recent years the royal family has gathered in the garden of their residence, Huis ten Bosch Castle*. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima* want to do without a fixed date in the future and also consider other locations. As before, however, two family shootings are to be organized per year – a message that, despite the damper, lets the fans breathe a sigh of relief. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Rubriklistenbild: © Hollandse Hoogte/Imago

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