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Queen Máxima deeply touched: Emotional reunion goes to the heart

Queen Máxima recently proved once again how approachable she is. The reunion with an old friend made for a particularly emotional moment.

Amsterdam – Queen Máxima (50) is one of the most popular royals in the world. A recent appointment in the Dutch capital once again showed where her high reputation among the population comes from*.

Queen Máxima deeply touched: Emotional reunion goes to the heart

King Willem-Alexander (54) and his wife have a large royal fan base. The two are very popular all over the world, even one or the other Corona misstep* they were quickly forgiven. Máxima* in particular is well received with her open and friendly manner. She is always approachable and cordial towards the people and thus collects a lot of plus points.

One of the Queen’s most loyal supporters is a 70-year-old Dutch woman named Josée. The amateur photographer has had Máxima in front of her lens countless times, and the two women now know each other very well. When Josée had to undergo cancer therapy last year, Máxima insisted on hugging her old friend the last time they met before the treatment. She couldn’t hold back her tears at that moment – the touching scenes went around the world*.

In the meantime, Josée is apparently doing so well again that she can travel to Máxima’s appointments – as happened a few days ago in Amsterdam.

Eine Frau gibt Königin Máxima einen Blumenstrauß.


Máxima’s probably most loyal fan was finally able to say hello to her personally.

Queen Máxima deeply touched: her most loyal supporter is back

Máxima was amazed to see a familiar face in front of the building during her visit to a Dutch bank: Josée, camera in hand, ready to greet her royal acquaintance cheerfully and, as always, snap some photos of her. The wife of King Willem-Alexander* had joy written all over her face, her radiance could not be overlooked despite the mask. She immediately approached Josée, said hello warmly and took a few extra minutes for her perhaps biggest fan.

Königin Máxima unterhält sich mit einer Fotografin.


Queen Máxima and the photographer Josée recently had a special meeting in Amsterdam.

It’s scenes like this that show how empathetic the most important representative of the Dutch royal family* has remained. It is to be hoped that there will be many more meetings between the two women who have grown so fond of one another. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubric picture: © PPE / Imago

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