AutoCupra and its new dimension: the Metahype

Cupra and its new dimension: the Metahype

For those who are of numbers, or believe in the relevance of these in our day to day life, the day 02/02/2022 is as mystical as it is round. Such an important date could not be overlooked for a firm that prioritizes experience and the uniqueness of its products, such as Cupra. On the occasion of the alignment of the stars, the firm from Martorell has presented its ambitious vision for 2022: called Cupra2 . In its fourth year, and anniversary, Cupra intends to double its sales, its turnover and also multiply the world network of Cupra Masters and City Garages . An unparalleled goal that also incorporates projects in the virtual world with the launch of Metahype , a new collaborative space or platform that takes place in the metaverse. This double world has already been the subject of an article in this section on motor curiosities, but Cupra goes further, with the presentation of the Cupra2 Experience, a competition that will combine the real world and the virtual world. If you are left wanting to know more, keep reading.

Emotional experiences no longer only take place in real life, the digital world has taken up much of our time and our happiness. The birth of the metaverse is already an unstoppable fact for which the automotive firms will be more or less prepared, surely Cupra will be one of those that take advantage of the opportunity. They have wanted to demonstrate this in the online event that took place today 2/2/22 , on the occasion of its fourth anniversary as an independent brand of Seat. Taking those experiences to the next level will see an update to its range, with two new models, as well as experiences in parallel dimensions.

It is important to give relevance to the indicated dates, as a push for what is to come. That is what Wayne Griffiths defends: “ Our fourth anniversary has a special meaning . The plan that we have prepared for 2022 includes the objective of doubling sales, turnover and the sales network. That is why we call our ambition Cupra2”. Many doubted at the time of the creation of the firm but the numbers support them, Luca de Meo, the then president, made the right decision and no one, within the group, doubted the possibilities that they will continue to exploit in 2022 .

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