AutoDacia obtains the best commercial result in its history

Dacia obtains the best commercial result in its history

Dacia achieves a milestone this June and obtains the best commercial result in its history at a national level, reaching a record market share of 14.3% for individuals . Said result coincides with the full transformation of the brand, which has just presented its new visual identity in the entire range of vehicles. This result is being driven by the success of the new generations of Sandero and Duster, always maintaining the values that have made Dacia a sales success, under the concept ‘choose the essentials’.

In addition, the new Sandero continues to be the best-selling model in Spain in the private market so far this year, thus maintaining its leadership in 2022. The success of Dacia in our country is especially supported by the extraordinary interest it has aroused among the Spanish clientele the Sandero model. Launched in 2008, already in 2013 it was the best-selling model in Spain in the total private market. Leadership position that has not abandoned since then, since it accumulates 9 consecutive years finishing year after year in the first position, the most recent, in 2021, and remaining leader in 2022.

Dacia Duster is another representative example of the great reception of Dacia by the Spanish customer. It is not for nothing that it became the leader of the C-SUV segment for private customers in June and has sold almost 120,000 units in Spain since 2010. Like previous generations, the new Duster is aimed both at customers who want a comfortable SUV with attractive design and to those who are looking for a versatile and robust 4X4.

“Very proud to obtain this month the best commercial result in the history of Dacia, maintaining our position as market leaders with Dacia Sandero. It also coincides with a moment of total transformation of the brand, since we have just presented the new visual identity in our vehicles only 15 days ago and it has been a real revolution. The new Dacia era has only just begun”, commented Francisco Hidalgo , general director of Dacia Iberia.

The savings of up to 50% compared to conventional fuels, the autonomy of the vehicles that exceeds 1,200 km, environmental awareness and the fact of having the ECO label is making many customers consider other options that ensure mobility sustainable in every way. The gasoline-LPG bicarbonation engine can be considered for all intents and purposes an economical, ecological and accessible hybrid solution for all with numerous advantages. Dacia contributes to decarbonization thanks to its ECO-G offer, with its cost compared to a gasoline engine being minimal, making it a winning proposal for users and rejuvenating the Spanish car fleet, whose average age is 13.1 years.

The gasoline-LPG bicarbonation engine can be considered for all intents and purposes an economical, ecological and accessible hybrid solution for all. Dacia stands out for its outdoor style, close to the environment and nature. With its ECO-G offer, the only one available in all the thermal vehicles in the range, it wants to offer environmentally sustainable mobility solutions in line with the purchasing power of its customers. Dacia has always offered vehicles with the best price-performance ratio on the market, constantly redefining what is essential.

This wide range has made Dacia the leader in this technology with half a million units sold worldwide and almost 50,000 LPG vehicles in Spain, leading the national market since 2017. With a market share of 86% in the first half of 2022, Dacia remains firmly at the top of the LPG car market. Today, some 28 million LPG vehicles circulate on roads around the world and more than 150,000 units in Spain. In Europe, the LPG market has grown by 35% and in Spain by 250%. The success of this engine is very important within the brand, as evidenced by the fact that today more than two out of three Dacia customers choose the ECO-G engine at the time of purchase.

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