AutoDacia's new visual identity is displayed on all models

Dacia's new visual identity is displayed on all models

After presenting Dacia’s new visual identity in the communication last June 2021 and beginning the transformation of the concessions at the beginning of this 2022, the brand writes a new chapter with the arrival of the new visual identity in its vehicles. This new identity is deployed simultaneously throughout the Dacia range, modifying the design but always maintaining the values that have made Dacia a success. Orders with the new visual identity can be made from now on, although to see them physically we will have to wait for the World Cup in Paris in October 2022. After the Motor Show, the vehicles will gradually arrive at the Dacia Network. And the first deliveries will be made at the end of the year .

A symbol of the brand’s new visual identity, the Dacia Link emblem is located in the center of the completely redesigned grille of the vehicles . Composed of a D and a C joined like the links of a chain, this new emblem aspires to be a symbol of robustness and simplicity. Dacia Link brings visibility to the brand, even from afar, and also appears in the center of vehicle rims. Another change visible at first glance is the integration of the logo on the rear of the vehicles and on the steering wheel. Clearly minimalist, its letters have been lightened to keep only the essential and make it easily recognizable. Added to these design changes are others such as the appearance of the Megalith Gray color for the roof bars, the front and rear protections, as well as the Sandero Stepway, Spring or Duster exterior mirrors.

“The presentation of the entire Dacia range with the new visual identity marks the third and final chapter of the deployment strategy that began more than a year ago. This new universe is in line with our brand values: simplicity, robustness, authenticity and modern”, emphasizes Denis Le Vot , CEO of Dacia. For his part, David Durand , Director of Design adds: “The logo is a clear example of the essentiality that characterizes the brand. Likewise, the Dacia Link emblem inspired by the universe of mechanics evokes simplicity and robustness. It also incorporates the symbol of the bond, a powerful element of the Dacia community”.

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