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Destinations you'll want to escape to this fall – Copenhagen (Denmark), classicism, tradition and modernity

For many travelers , fall is the perfect time to travel. Once the high season of the summer months is over, and with the heat giving a little respite, it appears as the ideal time to rest, soak up new cultures, or disconnect in contact with nature.

Something that travel lovers know very well, who see in the bridges of October and November the opportunity to organize a getaway to that destination with which they have dreamed so much.

If you were impatiently waiting for autumn to make an unforgettable trip, we have a special list for you, with destinations for all tastes: paradisiacal islands, cities of diverse cultures, natural spectacles …

For each of them there is a unique accommodation that you will never forget, and on you can choose between apartments, villas, bed & breakfasts, igloos, boats, tree houses or a private island. With this wide offer, you have the possibility of living an infinite number of experiences in the most incredible corners of the entire planet.

Take note and go preparing suitcases … Do you already know where you will go?

Image: The Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, a traditional fishing retreat in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) /

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