NewsDeutsche Bahn: new strikes? GDL gives details

Deutsche Bahn: new strikes? GDL gives details

New strikes are possible: The GDL wants to inform on Monday how the wage dispute should continue.

Frankfurt – The collective bargaining between GDL and Deutsche Bahn continues. Most recently, Claus Weselsky, head of the train drivers’ union, announced that there could be another strike. The GDL will provide information on how to proceed on Monday afternoon (08/30/2021). A press conference with GDL boss Claus Weselsky is planned for 5 p.m., as the GDL explained on Monday.

There had already been two rounds of strikes by the union in the past few weeks. The fronts are hardened. In response to Weselsky’s request for an improved offer, Richard Lutz, head of Deutsche Bahn *, emphasized that this would not happen.

Deutsche Bahn: New GDL Strikes?

The GDL is calling for a wage increase of 3.2 percent as well as a Corona * bonus of 600 euros and better working conditions. The railway offers 3.2 percent more wages, but wants to implement the levels later and demands a longer term of the collective agreement.

Deutsche Bahn Streiks


The previous two strikes have resulted in numerous train cancellations and delays.

The company had also offered negotiations about a corona bonus, but did not give a specific number. The GDL rejected this as a “sham offer”. (tu / AFP) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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