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Drastic change in money in 2022: Deutsche Bahn, postage and minimum wage

With the new year, the people in Germany will again face many changes. Often it is about the money. The most important changes in the overview.

Frankfurt – There will not only be a new government in 2022 – many other things will also change in Germany in the new year. Some of them are noticeable in the wallet and should be of particular interest to employees, parents and customers of Deutsche Post or Bahn. An overview of the most important changes.

If you want to send letters in 2022, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. It had been known for some time that Deutsche Post would again increase the postage. The deadline for this is January 1, 2022, according to the German Press Agency. But what are the reasons for the higher prices? The company justifies the move with rising wages and costs. Specifically, 85 cents instead of the previous 80 cents will be charged for a standard letter and 70 cents instead of 60 cents for a postcard. It’s not the first price increase, by the way. Postage for letters in Germany has already become significantly more expensive in the past ten years. For comparison: In 2012, national mailing of a standard letter still cost 55 cents.

Important changes from 2022: minimum wage and corona bonus – more money for employees

The next change in money concerns the minimum wage and thus millions of employees. The minimum wage is expected to rise from the current EUR 9.60 per hour on January 1, 2022 to 9.82. A second increase to 10.45 euros will then be available from July 1, 2022. The SPD, Greens and FDP want to increase the minimum wage to 12 euros per hour. That would be a noticeable increase in wages in some occupational groups. After the one-time adjustment, the independent minimum wage commission should decide on any further increases, as stated in the coalition agreement.

Also good news: Employees can still receive a corona bonus of a maximum of 1500 euros from their employer until March 31, 2022 – tax-free. One of the prerequisites is that the money is used to alleviate the additional burden caused by the corona crisis and that it is paid in addition to wages, according to the dpa.

Money: Increase in CO2 tax in 2022 – effects on fuel prices

The child allowance, a benefit in addition to child benefit for families with low incomes, will also be increased, albeit only slightly. Specifically, it only increases by 4 euros from 205 euros to up to 209 euros per month per child. According to the Ministry of Family Affairs, this only applies if a short-term increase in child benefit is not decided on January 1st.

The CO2 tax, on the other hand, is much discussed and controversial in politics and business. Since January 1, 2021, drivers have to pay a CO2 surcharge when refueling. Here, too, there will be a change in 2022. In order to make climate protection more attractive, the CO2 tax will increase. Instead of 25 cents per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted, 30 cents are due. However, this will not have as much effect on fuel prices as it did at the beginning of 2021. According to ADAC calculations, gasoline and diesel are now likely to become more expensive by around one and a half cents each due to the CO2 price.

Changes in 2022: Sick notification with a yellow AU certificate is obsolete – e-prescription

There will also be an important change in the certificate of incapacity for work in 2022. Because then it says: “Yellow glow” goodbye. The AU on paper is then obsolete. On January 1st, electronic incapacity certificates will initially be mandatory for medical practices. With the eAU, the sick notes are electronically transmitted to the health insurance companies. From July onwards, employers will also be included.

Another thing will change in the health sector on January 1st. Then the electronic prescription is generally mandatory for medical practices. Those with statutory health insurance will then receive a QR code either on their smartphone or printed out. However, the obligation only exists for practices that are technically capable of doing so. So for some it could take a little longer.

Innovations 2022: Changes for Deutsche Bahn customers and in the supermarket

Another change that will affect many supermarket customers from 2022 shows that environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. Because from January 1st, plastic shopping bags will no longer be offered at German tills. This involves the so-called lightweight plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness between 15 and 50 micrometers – these are the standard bags that you get when you go shopping. Exceptions are particularly stable reusable bags and the thin plastic bags that can be found at the fruit and vegetable stand, for example. In addition, the compulsory deposit for drinks in plastic bottles will be extended from January 1st.

Auf Bahn-Kunden kommt 2022 eine wichtige Änderung zu. (Symbolbild)


There will be an important change for rail customers in 2022. (Symbol image)

And passengers will also notice a drastic change at Deutsche Bahn. As of January 1st, last-minute customers of Deutsche Bahn can no longer buy paper tickets on the train from the conductor. The alternative: a digital ticket that can be booked up to ten minutes after departure on or via the app.

Deutsche Bahn AG Railway company
founding January 1, 1994
Seat Berlin
CEO Richard Lutz

Cancellation button for a contract on the Internet: What will change for customers

Anyone who also concludes a contract on the Internet will be able to terminate it more easily in the future. As of July 1, so-called long-term obligations are subject to a cancellation button, which consumers can use to get rid of their contracts without having to search and write letters.

In addition, from 2022: Anyone who buys a product that later turns out to be defective may then have better cards. This is made possible by the extension of the warranty law: the legal presumption that a defect already existed at the time of purchase is extended from six months to one year.

The surcharge for financing green electricity (EEG surcharge) will also change somewhat in 2022: At the turn of the year it will drop to 3.723 cents per kilowatt hour, which is more than 40 percent. Electricity is unlikely to be cheaper, however, because the levy is only part of the price and utilities are paying more when shopping than they were a year ago. (dpa / svw)

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