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DHL fail when dropping off packages – many customers are familiar with the problem

Where is my package? Weird stories are piling up on Twitter where customers discover their DHL packages. Here is a small selection.

Munich – “When the postman rings twice” will probably only remain a famous quote from a film for most DHL customers. In the stressful everyday life, the couriers often do not have enough time or patience to deliver the package directly. Instead, they get creative when it comes to finding the quickest place to drop off the package – for entertainment, but also to the annoyance of some customers.

DHL messenger: Customer finds the package parked a few meters from the front door

A Twitter user had apparently been waiting for his package. Although he was at home, the courier placed the package without contact, the DHL vehicle is still clearly visible in the background. With the words “If the way to the front door is too far away”, the customer posts a picture of the front yard in which the package is about three meters from his front door at the garden gate.

He was probably lucky though. Another Twitter user commented: “Our parcel deliverer put it in the house for the garbage cans.” She doesn’t seem to be the only customer that happened, as this user confirms on the Jodel app. Another parcel carrier even had a valuable tip for his customers in Berlin.

DHL messenger as Tetris artist: praise from the internet

But of course there are also words of praise for the work of the parcel carriers. That’s what happened in this case: The fact that so much was ordered during the pandemic helped a man to become briefly known at Jodel in spring 2021. Observed through the window of a resident, the parcel delivery man carries several parcels at once to his customers in an impressive manner. “Can he do it???”, asks a Jodel user. Apparently. The packages make it to their owners without any accidents. “Tetrismaster” and “Easy Profi DHL employee” are the words of praise for the DHL messenger’s stacking skills. (mell)

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