FunDiscover the rainiest town in all of Spain and...

Discover the rainiest town in all of Spain and when to visit it

Spain is a country where we can generally enjoy a lot of sun, but there are also some areas where the weather is usually quite cloudy and even rainy, but do you want to know in which corner of our country it rains the most? Find out now which is the rainiest town in all of Spain and when to visit it.

Discover the rainiest town in all of Spain and when to visit it

It has always been said that the northern part of the peninsula is the wettest in the country and, therefore, is the area where it rains the most. Specifically, the cities of Vigo and San Sebastián are the ones that register the most liters of water annually , but the truth is that they are surpassed by an area in which there is rarely talk of rain.

In the case of the Galician city of Vigo, 1,791 mm of water are normally collected per year. While in San Sebastián it usually rains 1,500 mm a year. Many liters of water for areas that are already humid and cloudy, but both are surpassed by a town that is in Andalusia and that is none other than Grazalema, northeast of Cádiz , in the reserve area of the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema, where up to 2,200 mm of rain are recorded per year.

Specifically, the “rainy season” in Grazalema takes place between the months of September and May , so it is usually recommended to visit the area in summer, although everything will depend on whether or not you like the rain, since it also receives Visitors looking for precisely that: a little water in a part of Spain (the South) where the heat is always the protagonist.

Why is there so much rainfall in Grazalema?

Despite being a town in Andalusia, Grazalema is also the mountain area to which the Atlantic winds arrive, which are introduced through the southwestern coast and when they come into contact with the hot water and rise again, They cool down causing the formation of clouds that turn into precipitation.

What can you visit in Grazalema?

The Grazalema area is a natural environment that, despite the rains, as we say, usually receives many visits due, among other things, to the fact that the town also welcomes the Spanish fir , which is a kind of fir, as well as being the place where it is found. the source of the river Guadalete.

The municipality is made up of a Cadiz village with an urban area that was declared a Historic Site. Also noteworthy are several churches such as the Baroque Church of Nuestra Señora de la Aurora , which dates from the 18th century and is considered the most important of all, as well as the Church of the Incarnation, from the 17th century (although it was renovated in the 19th century). , the Church of San Juan, from the 18th century, or the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles.

The town of Grazalema also stands out for its gastronomy since it has several traditional dishes such as the Grazalem soup that is cooked with egg, chorizo, bread and mint, baked lamb or tagarninas some stems (very similar to asparagus) that can be cooked for stews, tortillas and other dishes in the area.

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