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Does summer weather in Germany influence the outcome of the election? Expert takes a stand

The weather in Germany is gradually becoming more autumnal. But the summer returns for the federal election.

Offenbach – Gradually, an autumn feeling is emerging with the weather * in Germany. “Pretty fresh today” is currently a popular phrase, especially in the morning hours. The German Weather Service * (DWD) in Offenbach * speaks of “friendly early autumn weather”.

Graduated meteorologist Dominik Jung * from the weather service Q.met told the weather portal that autumn * is not yet fully here. On the contrary: the weather in Germany remains warm. According to Jung, comfortable bathing and barbecue weather is more likely than autumn weather for the general election. The weather expert speaks of temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius *.

Das Wetter in Deutschland wird allmählich herbstlicher. Doch zur Bundestagswahl kehrt der Sommer noch einmal zurück. 


The weather in Germany is gradually becoming more autumnal. But the summer returns for the federal election.

“It is not uncommon for the weather to have a decisive influence on the outcome of an election. That could be the case again this year as it will be a very close race between the two leading parties. Indeed, every vote, every percent, counts. Research has shown that people tend to stay at home when the weather is bad. However, there are also studies that suggest that some people prefer to use the day for something else when the weather is particularly nice. It could be exciting, ”explains Jung.

Weather news *: All information about forecasts * on our topic page.

Weather in Germany: Summer temperatures for the federal election

Nevertheless, according to the forecast for the weather in Germany, a small autumn storm is also emerging. It could be stormy on Thursday (23.09.2021) and Friday (24.09.2021). The autumn storm is said to be mainly limited to northern Germany, with the expected wind speeds of 75 to 85 km / h. According to Jung, these are not dramatic wind speeds for the North and Baltic Seas.

  • Wednesday (September 22nd, 2021): 17 to 22 degrees, mostly nice and dry after fog and haze
  • Thursday (23.09.2021): 16 to 24 degrees, windy to stormy in the north, clouds and a little rain, otherwise pretty nice Indian summer weather
  • Friday (September 24th, 2021): 17 to 23 degrees, often beautiful with sun, in the north still individual cloud fields
  • Saturday (25.09.2021): 18 to 25 degrees, often sunshine and dry
  • Sunday (September 26th, 2021): 19 to 27 degrees, often friendly and warm in late summer, individual thunderstorms in the west in the evening
  • Monday (27.09.2021): 19 to 25 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, individual thunderstorms in the afternoon
  • Tuesday (09/28/2021): 18 to 23 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, short showers possible
  • (Source:

How will the weather in Germany be in the coming weeks? After the general election, temperatures are around or above 20 degrees. However, cold air could break through Germany towards October, according to information from the US weather model NOAA.

Weather in Germany: cold front from October?

The European weather model provides a more relaxed forecast for the weather in Germany. Warm air masses should continue to move over Germany. So the September summer could still stay. “It is therefore not yet possible to make an exact forecast at the turn of the month. In any case, it remains very exciting, ”explains weather expert Jung. (marv) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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