AutoDS Active Scan Suspension: pure technological comfort

DS Active Scan Suspension: pure technological comfort

In 1955 the world witnessed the arrival of the DS Tiburón, a vehicle that not only fell in love with its refined and elegant design. This classic premiered the production hydropneumatic suspension, a solution that marked the difference between the general segment and premium cars like this one. Today, and as an independent firm within the Stellantis group, DS has recovered that heritage to develop the DS Active Scan Suspension . This system, which is capable of reading the situation of the asphalt and possible future obstacles, prepares the damping to anticipate any swing. The sensors and radars are much more sophisticated than the old hydropneumatic suspension, but the DS Tiburón is, without a doubt, an example to be followed by the current designers and engineers of the Parisian firm.

There are many attributes to assess when buying a car. First, and as is logical, comes the economic aspect and the budget that is valued. Right after , its reliability and the experience of other buyers of the brand could be valued , something in which DS works to offer activities and special care to its clients. Finally, and as a key point, comes the design. In this sense, the Paris-based brand tries to stand out for its avant-garde, digitized and technological concept in the absence of a long-standing history or journey. However, DS began its recognition a few decades ago with the Tiburón, a car presented in 1955 that marked a before and after with hydropneumatic suspension .

The past and the present

This mechanical system was created by a self-taught inventor, Paul Magès, who specialized in braking and ground attachment systems. It consists of a pressure pump that receives its power from the engine itself, in addition to a hydraulic fluid that allowed the height of the DS Tiburón to be adjusted and kept constant despite loading the trunk more or exerting force in curves. The current DS engineers only had to grasp the relevance of that past decision to apply the technology of the present.

In this way, the DS Active Scan Suspension technology appeared, present in the DS 4, the DS 7 Crossback and the DS 9. As we mentioned before, thanks to cameras and sensors , it detects the imperfections of the road five meters in front of the car and It manages the four shock absorbers continuously and independently of each one. To get that anticipation, they go to the camera , located behind the windshield, along with four higher sensors and three acceleration meters .

Data is key

A switchboard is analyzing the state of the asphalt and the reactions of the DS. That is, the implication that these imperfections generate in the speed, angle of the steering wheel and braking, among others. All this data is transmitted in real time and triggers a response from each wheel, making the suspension firmer or more flexible. This technology represents a step forward in terms of comfort, offering superior well-being and pleasure on the road .

Of course, and as rolling comfort is not always important, at times when sporty sensations are sought we can activate the “Sport” and optimize this suspension . In “Comfort” mode, on the other hand, the DS Active Suspension system adjusts that connection with the asphalt in a brilliant way.

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