AutoDS's strong commitment to electrification

DS's strong commitment to electrification

DS undertook in 2018 to annually launch a new model with cutting-edge technology and E-Tense electrified versions , whose engines are tested under the best possible umbrella, the FIA Formula E Championship. That same year it presented the first model that sealed that promise , the DS 7 Crossback SUV. It was followed by another SUV, the DS 3 Crossback, and the DS 9 and DS 4 sedans. Specifically, with the E-Tense 4×4 360 version of the DS 9, the brand reaches new heights. Overseen by DS Performance, which won every Formula E title in 2019 and 2020, the development and fine-tuning of this saloon’s powertrain and suspension has resulted in exceptional performance. It also offers the dynamic composure popular with DS Automobiles customers.

With this extensive portfolio, the French manufacturer has become the premium multi-energy brand that has grown the most so far in 2022 in the Spanish market. What’s more, the E-Tense range already represents more than 50% of its registrations. But DS is not only distinguished by its product, but also by its Only you services: Only You Privilege, events and exclusive experiences for brand clients; DS Service, car maintenance and repair and advice; and Rent a DS, for renting one of its models through Free2Move Rent. It also offers its customers DS Valet, which allows the official dealer or workshop to pick you up and deliver the vehicle to avoid displacement.

Yves Bonnefont , CEO of DS Automobiles, details that “the advantages of electrification are numerous. The availability of all the torque from the slightest acceleration, driving pleasure, energy recovery on deceleration and is a formal response to the threats of prohibiting access to cities for internal combustion vehicles… As we want our customers to maintain their complete freedom of movement and take full advantage of our advanced technologies, we have created a range of electrified cars”. We tell you some details of this range that starts from the DS 3 Crossback and, for the moment, ends with the DS 4.

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