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Electricity in the Netherlands

On my first solo trip to Europe, not only did I fill up too much, but little did I know, some of the electrical devices I had taken would prove useless, even after some cursory research on the European electrical system. In the hope that fewer of you will repeat my experiences, here are some tips and resources on electricity in the Netherlands and Europe via the About Travel Channel.

First of all, the Netherlands has different wall plugs than in the US This means that visitors planning to use their US electrical or electronic devices in the Netherlands will need at least the correct adapter, that is, to convert the American plugs in the most common in Europe. in the Netherlands.

However, not only is the shape of the plug different, but the electrical current in Europe operates at 220 volts, twice that of the US standard at 110 volts. While some electrical and electronic devices are dual or multiple voltage, those that do not require it will require a power converter to be able to operate on a European current.

For more information on the difference between adapters and converters, with pictures of the required adapters and instructions on how to determine which items require a converter, see European Electricity and Connected Tourist. For the more visually inclined, these two helpful videos cover the essentials of electricity in Europe:

  • Electricity basics in Europe
  • Distinguish between plug adapters and power converters

Not sure which power adapter to choose? Take a look at Europe Travel’s list of recommended power adapters, each suitable for different travel needs.

As a writer, I rarely travel without my laptop or tablet, and I’m sure the same is true for many readers. These last two articles help travelers keep their laptop, smartphone, or other mobile devices turned on, not to mention online, while traveling:

  • Charge your electronic devices on your vacation abroad
  • Laptop Travel

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