FunElon Musk to fill Las Vegas with tunnels to...

Elon Musk to fill Las Vegas with tunnels to ease surface traffic

Last April, a new project by The Boring Company , a company founded by Elon Musk, focused on the construction of urban underground tunnels for cars, was announced. In May the group had completed a connection system limited to the perimeter of the Las Vegas convention center, but in the last hours the company has announced that in the coming years the system may be extended to the entire city. Let’s see the reasons and what is Elon Musk’s plan for Las Vegas.

Elon Musk to fill Las Vegas with tunnels to ease surface traffic

The permit has come from the local administration, and will allow The Boring Company group to dig underground tunnels for the transport of passengers aboard Tesla cars.

Among the companies founded by Elon Musk, The Boring Company is one of those that has achieved the least tangible results so far: its goal is to create reliable but low-cost tunnels of reduced diameter and intended for the passage of cars. These tunnels, located along strategic routes, should help alleviate megacity traffic by diverting it underground on multiple levels: for the company, reducing costs and improving the tunnel construction process are goals aimed precisely at making sustainable construction of 20-30 layers of tunnels.

The Vegas Loop project

Las Vegas, however, is the first city to have approved excavation work for the entire city area. The system was dubbed the Vegas Loop, and provides underground tunnels for a total length of about 50 kilometers and will connect 51 stations located at strategic points in the city and below the hotels that have decided to contribute financially to the construction of a corresponding station. The expected flow is 57,000 passengers per hour , while the means of locomotion will be the electric cars of the sister company Tesla.

After insisting on the concept of wagons for the general transportation of customers’ cars, The Boring Company has opted for common paved roads that will be traveled by electric vehicles driven by special drivers (and in the future by the autonomous driving algorithms of Tesla). The price should be somewhere between that of local public transport and that of a taxi: an 8-kilometer ride from the airport to the convention center should take 5 minutes and cost $ 10 , while by car and during rush hours it can even take more time: half an hour.

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