FunEngine: What do HDI and TDI mean and how...

Engine: What do HDI and TDI mean and how are they different?

When we are going to buy a new or second-hand car, there are several elements that we must keep in mind to know what type of car we are acquiring. Among many other things, we will find acronyms that we do not understand as HDI or TDI , which refer to diesel engines in vehicles.

What is the TDI?

It is the acronym in English for Turbo Direct Injection which, basically, is Turbo Direct Injection to the engine. This direct injection exists in diesel engines since they began to be marketed, and then the turbo was added that gives much more consistency and speed to the transmission.

It is a class of engines that have a combustion chamber that is located at the top of the piston that is equipped with a turbo. This reduction chamber is smaller , so it is an advantage since it loses much less energy than other types of cars that do not contain the TDI.

The direct consequence of having TDI in our car is that gasoline consumption is lower because the performance is higher and of better quality. These cars that use TDI and not HDI, stand out for having a good cold start, in addition to the fact that the heat that is lost in these engines is used much better than in engines with other characteristics.

How does the HDI work?

In Spanish we could call it High Pressure Diesel Injection. Its acronym in English, High Presure Diesel Injection , refers to the use of diesel gasoline that works with direct injection and using a turbocharger for this.

This technology is usually equipped as Common Rail , a vehicle internal transmission system that makes it more precise and exact when the injection reaches the engine and consumes little.

This technology of equipping an engine with HDI increases the performance of the engine of our car, reduces the expulsion of gases and causes little noise.

Although there are differences between HDI and TDI, the truth is that they are similar systems since both use turbocharger and injection for their operation. They consume little and are reliable, the only thing that they are about different acronyms depending on the bet that the car house or automobile group has made for one or another technology for turbocharged diesel engines.

Normally, in technical efficiency we will not notice the difference, although it is usually more common to opt for vehicles with HDI as they have a more precise injection.

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