NewsEuropol: Big campaign against doping and drug counterfeiters

Europol: Big campaign against doping and drug counterfeiters

During a Europe-wide operation against counterfeit drugs and doping, investigators arrested 544 people between April and October. Alleged Corona remedies were also confiscated.

The Hague – European investigators have arrested 544 people in a large-scale operation against counterfeit drugs and doping. Substances and preparations worth 63 million euros were confiscated, as Europol announced in The Hague.

Most of the time, doping drugs and alleged corona remedies were confiscated. In view of the wide availability of vaccines, the European police authority observed a significant decline in the trade in corona preparations.

1400 preliminary investigations initiated

Counterfeit drugs and other preparations pose a threat to health, warned Europol. The preparations would be produced in illegal laboratories without observing safety and hygiene rules. They often contained harmful substances.

The Europe-wide Operation “Shield II” took place from April to October and was led by investigators in France, Finland, Greece and Italy. Judicial authorities in 26 countries were involved, including Germany.

According to Europol, 33 criminal networks and 37 companies were investigated. Around 1400 preliminary investigations were opened and more than 6500 athletes were checked.

The investigators focused on gangs that dealt in doping substances and counterfeit drugs for the treatment of cancer, erectile dysfunction and allergies, as well as painkillers. Doping dealers are primarily targeting amateur athletes and mainly sell the substances via social media. dpa

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