World happiness report: Finland ahead – Germany in 14th place

Defining happiness is not easy. The new World Happiness Report also focuses on people's willingness to help.

Ukraine War: More and more people flee from Russia to Finland

Many Russians have concerns about the Ukraine war. That's why they use an express train to get to Finland.

Europol: Big campaign against doping and drug counterfeiters

During a Europe-wide operation against counterfeit drugs and doping, investigators arrested 544 people between April and October. Alleged Corona remedies were also confiscated.

Fatalities in explosion in Finnish residential building

In Varkaus, 300 kilometers northeast of Helsinki, there was an explosion in a residential building. The cause was initially unclear.

Survivors' expedition to the “Estonia” wreck en route

It was the worst shipping disaster in Europe since World War II. And to this day there are doubts about the cause of the accident. Now a private expedition is setting off again to the shipwreck.

Lordi singer is vaccinated in monster costume

The vaccination campaign is stalling in many countries. So you need role models like the intrepid Lordi singer, who came to the vaccination in a stage outfit.

10 Finnish words every visitor needs

Here are some important Finnish words that every traveler should know when visiting Finland:

A guide to the euro, the currency of Finland

Unlike Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, Finland was never part of the former Scandinavian Monetary Union, which used the gold crown / crown


ZDF correspondent leaves China: "In this country you can see what lack of freedom means"

Ulf Röller reported for ZDF from Beijing for three years. Now he is leaving China - and takes stock: "As a journalist, you are simply not welcome in a dictatorship."

"Embarrassing": Oliver Pocher's father is ashamed of his own son

Oliver Pocher and father Gerd meet Prince Charles' former butler. Olli deliberately misbehaves and puts everyone's patience to the test.

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Devastating forest fires in Spain: Greenpeace criticizes the government

Not as many forests have gone up in flames as they do now since 1994, despite increasingly successful firefighting

"TC" from "Magnum": Roger E. Mosley died

He became world famous as helicopter pilot Theodore "TC" Calvin from the 1980 series "Magnum". Now Roger E. Mosley has died after a car accident.