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Even if you do not have an RFC, you are not saved from paying taxes

If you will start working or want to start a business, you are considered a new taxpayer. The first step to become one is to complete the registration process in the Federal Taxpayer Registry ( RFC ), but what happens if you don’t ? Do they still charge you taxes ?

In general, all of us pay taxes when purchasing a good or service, since in Mexico these are implicit in the price of any consumer item.

Now, all people who work legally must have an RFC, it is an action that the companies themselves implement, since the Tax Administration Service (SAT) requires it.

However, if a person over 18 years of age who is not registered with the RFC receives deposits that exceed 15,000 pesos in a bank account and these do not come from a job, such as financial support from their parents for their studies , the SAT can undertake an investigation to find out what the origin of the money is.

Whether or not the person of legal age has an RFC, banks must provide the SAT with information on the origin of the money and the cardholder in question may be summoned to explain this.

In the event that it is verified that the income does not come from any work activity, no taxes will be charged.

Do people registered in the RFC without economic activity pay taxes?

With the Miscellaneous Tax 2022, the mandatory Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) for people over 18 years of age was approved. The incorporation to the RFC and, the joint obtaining of the e.firma (electronic signature), does not imply that they are obliged to pay contributions or to present declarations, unless they already carry out some economic activity. In addition, in accordance with what was approved by the Congress of the Union, no young person will be sanctioned for not registering with the SAT.

How to consult your debts if you are not registered to the RFC?

If you do not have a RFC but you think you may have debts with the SAT, you must request the format for payment of federal contributions (capture line) in case you have a resolution of certain tax credits and you are not registered in the RFC.

To do this, go to the page and follow the indicated steps whether you want to carry out the procedure online or in person.

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What are the tax regimes for individuals in Mexico?

We explain the different types of tax regimes for individuals that the SAT has established in Mexico, as well as their characteristics.

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This tax has existed since 1962 and was originally intended to raise money for the 1968 Olympics, but after the event, it remained.

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