EconomyFinancialEXMA aims to become the disruptive platform for business

EXMA aims to become the disruptive platform for business

Nine years ago, Colombia saw the birth of a content and training platform in marketing, technology, disruptive thinking and business, led by Fernando Anzures, as its founder and CEO, and Ricardo Leyva, as main partner and co-founder.

Today, EXMA has a reach in nine nations in Latin America and will present, for the first time in the country, more than 60 speakers , including business leaders, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and content creators who seek to transform the environment, through of innovation.

Under the theme “Mentes sin Miedo” ( Fearless Minds ), EXMA 2022 will take place on September 21 and 22 at the Mexico City Arena.

The event will be headed by Tony Robbins, business strategist and author of books on development and personal finance, who stands out for having been a mentor to figures such as Princess Diana, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and Andre Agassi, among others. others.

“The first level speakers are going to teach us to change fear through the power of negotiation, because everything in life is a negotiation, not only in entrepreneurship. For example, I am proud to have put fear aside to become a partner in this project”, stated Ricardo Leyva, during the official presentation in Mexico.

But not only that, the platform seeks to add another Guinness record to its history, by summoning the largest number of participants in a marketing event (more than 10,000), after having obtained worldwide recognition as the longest marketing class in the history, during a broadcast of about 48 uninterrupted hours of conferences via streaming, in December 2021.

In this sense, Fernando Anzures affirmed that the investment of more than four million dollars that they have made for this edition supports, as a starting point, the specialized curatorship that they have prepared, with a road map through the education and diffusion of contents.

“We will have a character that is growing with the most listened to business podcast in Mexico, Jorge Serratos, who indicates how people collaborating and co-creating can go further (…) We will have powerful women like Erika de la Vega, Margarita Pasos, influencers in finance , like Moris Dieck, or the businessmen Arturo Elías Ayub and Ricardo Salinas Pliego”, explained Anzures.

And he explained that the conferences will be offered both on the main stage and in the two rooms that will be available in the corridors of the Mexico City Arena, where experts from all over Latin America will give short talks with “knowledge hacks ”.

Opportunities and challenges in the Mexican market

In this regard, Ricardo Carreón, general director of EXMA Mexico, assured that this meeting will represent a great opportunity for networking , bringing together businessmen, executives from all industries, entrepreneurs, technology startups , leaders of multilevel firms, young people and influencers.

The manager added that one of the goals of the platform is to provide the tools for creating businesses that will change the rules of the game in the coming decades, with the aim of transforming the world in an accelerated manner.

However, he said, although there is a lot of creativity and an extensive cultural mix in Mexico, entrepreneurs also face the challenge of having the necessary resources to make their ideas tangible in a business model, with which they can even cross the borders of their country. country of origin.

“The execution of ideas not only has to do with talent, but with creating work groups, creating companies and ‘funding’ them so that they can scale quickly. We are seeing that the venture capital industry is also investing in Mexican companies and that is giving rise to, for example, the famous unicorns.”

Carreón also pointed out that, in a short time, content creators are going to become startups that will boost the creative economy.

This segment has great growth projections, especially for generation Z and Alpha, and already reaches almost two million professionals globally.

As a result, in this context, the consolidation of EXMA in Mexico acquires greater relevance. Although it emerged in Colombia, and has managed to expand to nearby countries, its sights are set on the national territory as the main market in Latin America.

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