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Expert predicts onset of winter – is the snow bomb coming this week?

As early as Sunday, November 14, 2021, the first snow showers could also reach the lower elevations in Germany. And another event is imminent.

Will Germany soon reach the “snow clap” with frosty temperatures? Meteorologist Paul Heger from is certain that the weather in Germany could change massively very soon. The reason for Heger’s bold forecast are weather models, which the editorial team * reports on in the linked article. Climatologist Karsten Brandt also suspects that the weather situation in Germany could soon change towards a frosty winter.

In an interview with , Brand said that as early as Sunday, November 14th, cold air could flow from the north to Germany. Just like meteorologist Paul Heger, Brand assumes that the first snow showers will come to Germany together with the polar cold air – and that also in the lower elevations. In an interview with , the climatologist says that especially in large cities like Berlin, Dresden and Munich, snow showers can be expected from Sunday.

Weather in Germany: Expert speaks of “winter dipole” in November

According to Brand, the chances of this are a proud 65 percent. But it is even more violent – or better – frostier. In an interview with , Karsten Brand predicts that the chances of developing a so-called “winter dipole” across Europe will also increase. “The computer models keep showing this.” Should such a “winter dipole” actually have a firm grip on Germany, the “east wind whip” would pop, according to Brand. Means: The first snowfall would then be the lesser of two evils.

The “winter dipole” explained quickly

The European “winter dipole” is a low over the Mediterranean Sea, which ensures continuous rain, snow, frost and also low temperatures in Central Europe. In low pressure areas, warm, humid air rises and cools down in the sky. As a result, clouds form, which release the moisture again in the form of rain. The low pressure areas usually cause bad weather.


The US weather model NOAA and the model of the European weather service would also forecast a “massive advance of cold air”, Brand further reveals in an interview with “It could even be the first polar whip of the coming winter.” That means: The snowfall in the coming week could just be the beginning of a frosty and white winter in Germany. In addition, there are other weather events ahead of us besides the cold polar air and the “winter dipole”.

Schneemann im Winter


According to the weather forecast, building a snowman could be possible in November.

Weather in Germany: Two decisive weather events are ahead of us

Just a few weeks ago, * reported on the effects of a “polar vortex split” on Germany. And the upcoming weather phenomenon La Niña, about which * is currently writing, could have a decisive influence on the weather situation in Germany. In this respect, all snow fans can dress warmly for once. The reason: Several weather events give hope for snow showers and a white Christmas in Germany – even at lower altitudes.

In summary, it can be said that the coming week will be really exciting when it comes to winter weather in Germany *. By the way, if you are not a fan of snow and frost, you should enjoy the coming days again. Up to and including Friday, November 12th, the Sankt-Martins-Hoch ensures mild and calm November weather in Germany. In the southwest and in the low mountain ranges the chances for many hours of sunshine are good. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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