NewsExplosion in Gothenburg: many injured

Explosion in Gothenburg: many injured

There was an explosion in an apartment building in Gothenburg. Numerous people had to be taken to the hospital. How this came about is still unclear.

Gothenburg – In the Swedish city of Gothenburg there has been a major explosion with allegedly several seriously injured people. According to the police, the detonation occurred early Tuesday morning in an apartment building in the Annedal district. Subsequently, there should have been a fire.

As reported by the broadcaster SVT and other Swedish media, 23 people were taken to the hospital, five of them by ambulance and 18 by bus. The vast majority of them are said to have only sustained minor injuries, but some also suffered severe ones.

Hundreds of people had been evacuated, some jumped out of the windows of the building, said the chief of operations of the rescue workers. The fire is not yet under control. An SVT reporter reported on site that more than three hours after the explosion, strong smoke was coming out of the house.

The background to the explosion initially remained unclear. In Sweden, however, there have been deliberate detonations time and again in recent years, the background of which lies in the gang milieu. But people are rarely injured. dpa

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