NewsExtra wristbands for the unvaccinated: Europa-Park Rust is reaping...

Extra wristbands for the unvaccinated: Europa-Park Rust is reaping a violent shit storm

The Europa-Park Rust causes excitement among the visitors. Depending on the corona vaccination status, there were different bracelets.

Rust – carousels, roller coasters and shows: amusement parks are particularly popular with adolescents. These were closed for a long time during the Corona * pandemic. Now one of the most visited amusement parks in German-speaking countries caused trouble.

For visitors to Europa-Park in Rust, there were differently colored bracelets – depending on their vaccination status. Unvaccinated people received colored ribbons. Those who recovered from an infection and those who were fully vaccinated received white.

Besucherinnen und Besucher fahren im Europapark mit der Achterbahn „Silver Star“. Zuletzt sorgte der Freizeitpark für Aufruhr, weil es unterschiedliche Armbänder je nach Impfstatus gab.


Visitors ride the “Silver Star” roller coaster in Europapark. Recently, the amusement park caused a stir because there were different bracelets depending on the vaccination status. (Archive image)

Corona: Different wristbands for vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Europa-Park Rust

Vaccinated and convalescents only need the appropriate proof to enter Europa-Park Rust. Unvaccinated people can only visit the park with a current antigen or PCR test. Children under the age of six are exempt. The corona rapid test must not be older than 24 hours, the PCR test not older than 48 hours.

The color of the bracelets of the unvaccinated changed daily. This should make it easier to monitor visitors who last several days, as a new negative test result is required for each new day of the visit. There were uniformly white ribbons for those who had been vaccinated and those who had recovered.

Europe Park
location Rust, Baden-Wuerttemberg
opening 1975
Visitors 5.8 million (2019)

Corona rules in Europa-Park Rust: guests are appalled

But that caused massive headwinds for the guests on site and also on the internet. “That can only be a joke? Who is doing that? ”One Facebook user said indignantly. Another user sees the data protection of the guests violated: “A vaccination is still a personal matter, is the responsibility of the assigned data protection.”

“What a fascist park […] never again Europa-Park,” wrote another Facebook user about the amusement park’s Corona rules. “Do you classify people with differently colored bracelets?”, One user expressed his displeasure with the operators.

Corona pandemic: Europa-Park Rust is rowing back and getting rid of bracelets

Meanwhile, Europa-Park Rust tried to appease users. A spokeswoman for the park told Bild that the different colors were “in no way intended” to “pillory guests visually.” After three days, the park rowed back and removed the bracelets.

“We take the opinion of our guests to heart and therefore reacted immediately. The colors of the ribbons are only related to the day. This means that all guests have the same color on the same day. Accordingly, the 3G status can no longer be recognized by the color, ”the operators commented on Thursday (19.08.2021).

While the number of corona cases in Germany is rising rapidly again, many people also fear stricter rules in the supermarket *. (kas) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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