LivingExtroverts are more creative

Extroverts are more creative

creatividad-extroversion Extroverts are more creative than those who keep everything to themselves, especially when they are in a good mood, according to a new study by psychologists at the University of Portsmouth (USA).

According to Lorenzo Stafford, head of the research, the greater creativity of extroverted subjects, which he has identified through his experiments with 86 people of different ages, is explained because their brains have higher levels of dopamine , the? Happiness molecule. ? The more open a person is, the more active his dopamine system is, and if his mood is also positive, the amount of dopamine in his brain multiplies even more ,? says Stafford, who has just published his findings in the magazine Personality and Individual Differences . This supposes an increase of the activity in certain areas of the brain that control, among other things, learning, sleep, mood …

Furthermore, high concentrations of dopamine are responsible for artistic and imaginative abilities.

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