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F1 Brazilian GP standings today: Formula 1 sprint race starting grid

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in the qualifying session of the Formula 1 Brazilian GP . Second, after him, Max Verstappen will face the last sprint race of the season and Valtteri Bottas will do it from the third. Sergio Pérez will start fourth and Pierre Gasly fifth, while Carlos Sainz will start from sixth. The Madrilenian finished the qualifying session just ahead of his teammate Charles Leclerc , and the two McLarens. Lando Norris was eighth and Daniel Ricciardo ninth, both ahead of Fernando Alonso .

Minute by minute of the F1 classification of the Brazilian GP

21:01 – Hamilton takes pole

Lewis Hamilton improves and takes pole. Max Verstappen will face the sprint race of the Brazilian GP from second position and Valtteri Bottas will do it from third. Carlos Sainz will start sixth and Fernando Alonso will do it tenth.

21:00 – Fernando Alonso maintains the eighth position

Fernando Alonso finishes his lap and remains eighth.

20:55 – Hamilton, better than Verstappen

Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas, Sergio Pérez and Pierre Gasly are the top five. Carlos Sainz has fallen to sixth position and Fernando Alonso to eighth. The last stake is missing.

20:54 – Sainz first and Alonso second

Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso improve Leclerc and put first and second.

20:51 – Sainz and Alonso leave

Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso are the first three drivers to start. After them do the rest of the pilots.

20:48 – Q3 starts!

Q3 starts. Pole looks like a Mercedes or Red Bull thing , although there are no clear favorites. What starting position will Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso achieve for the sprint race? 12 minutes to find out.

20:42 – Alonso is narrowly saved

Fernando Alonso finishes tenth in Q2. Esteban Ocon, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi are eliminated.

20:40 – Fernando Alonso does not improve

Fernando Alonso crosses the finish line and does not improve. Follow ninth.

20:37 – They would be eliminated

With 3 minutes remaining, Esteban Ocon, Yuki Tsunoda, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi would be eliminated.

20:34 – Hamilton improves Verstappen’s time

Lap valid for Hamilton , who is first ahead of Verstappen , Bottas and Gasly .

20:35 – Sainz fifth and Alonso eighth

Carlos Sainz has placed fifth behind Bottas and Alonso eighth after Sergio Pérez .

20:32 – Verstappen gets first

Max Verstappen takes the lead and they cancel Hamilton’s corner for going off at turn four.

20:29 – Hamilton is the first out

Hamilton comes out and after him Bottas .

20:28 – No rider has taken to the track yet!

Nobody wants to be the first out.

20:25 – Q2 begins!

This time Raikkonen , Giovinazzi , Vettel , Ocon , Tsunoda and even Fernando Alonso , could be eliminated.

20:19 – Only the Mercedes have been faster than Carlos Sainz

Stroll, Latifi, Russell, Mick Schumacher and Mazepin are eliminated in Q1. Hamilton was the fastest, followed by Bottas , Carlos Sainz and Leclerc .

20:18 – Alonso finishes ninth

Fernando Alonso , go to Q2.

20:17 – Leclerc saves the furniture

Charles Leclerc takes third behind Carlos Sainz and leaves the elimination zone. They breathe in Ferrari .

20:14 – Five minutes to go

George Russell, Mick Schumacher, Antonio Giovinazzi, Nikita Mazepin and Charles Leclerc would now be eliminated with five minutes to go.

20:11 – Alonso places seventh and Sainz second

Fernando Alonso is seventh after his first lap and Carlos Sainz , who had fallen into the elimination zone, is second behind Hamilton .

20:08 – Hamilton improves Verstappen’s time

On his first lap, Lewis Hamilton sets the best time. Ten minutes until the end of Q1.

20:07 – Verstappen ya lidera

Max Verstappen sets the best time. Lando Norris and Sergio Pérez have been placed behind him with new tires.

20:05 – Gasly improves Sainz and Alonso still does not leave

Pierre Gasly is the first right now. Alonso, Tsunoda, Ocon, Hamilton and Bottas have not come out yet.

20:03 – Carlos Sainz goes first!

Carlos Sainz improves Leclerc’s time and gets first.

20:02 – Sainz doesn’t want setbacks

Carlos Sainz does not want to be harmed if it rains and together with his partner, Charles Leclerc , he is one of the first to leave. Fernando Alonso leaving late cost him elimination in Q1 of the qualifying session of the Mexican GP.

20:00 – The qualifying session of the Brazilian GP begins!

As usual, Mazepin , Mick Schumacher , Kimi Raikkonen , Antonio Giovinazzi, Nicholas Latifi and George Russell , among the favorites to be eliminated in Q1.

19:56 – It could rain in qualifying session

The chance of rain heading into the qualifying session is 40 percent. Heading into the sprint race of a 20 while no rain is expected during the Brazilian GP .

19:53 – Verstappen can leave the World Cup seen for sentence in Brazil

As far as the fight for the World Cup is concerned, Verstappen arrives at Interlagos 19 points ahead of a Hamilton who will lose five places on Sunday’s grid after having been forced to change the internal combustion unit of his car.

19:46 – The fight for the title of Alonso in Brazil

Leaving the Constructors’ World Championship aside, Fernando Alonso is fully involved in the fight for the Overtake Award. This award will reward the rider who makes the most overtaking this season. After the Mexican Grand Prix, Alonso has equaled Sebastian Vettel at the head of that classification.

19:40 – This is the Constructors’ World Cup

Ferrari has regained third place in the Constructors’ World Championship to the detriment of McLaren , a team which it now leads by 13.5 points and a half. Alpine and AlphaTauri , meanwhile, will have four races to break their tie on points in fifth place.

19:35 – Gasly, a toothache for the Spanish

Pierre Gasly , who neither Leclerc nor Carlos Sainz were able to hunt down at the Mexican Grand Prix, finished ahead of the two Ferraris, Freestyle 1. Thanks to his good performances, AlphaTauri hunted Alpine in the World Championship of Constructors, which may leave the French team without fifth place, a goal they set at the beginning of the season.

19:30 – Hamilton, penalized five places

Lewis Hamilton has been forced to replace the internal combustion unit and will lose five spots heading into Sunday’s grid. Still, he is optimistic about the qualifying session for the Formula 1 Brazilian GP after setting the best time in FP1 ahead of Max Verstappen . Carlos Sainz was sixth ahead of Leclerc and Fernando Alonso ninth after Esteban Ocon.

Qualifying session preview of the Brazilian GP

This Friday the qualifying session of the Brazilian GP will take place since the third and last sprint race of the season will take place on Saturday. With four appointments to go before the end of the Formula 1 World Championship, Max Verstappen arrives at Interlagos 19 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes driver needs to cut this distance and will seek to have a good qualifying session in order to qualify for the 3, 2 and 1 extra points awarded by the sprint race. Although Verstappen was ahead of him in the previous two, the following Sunday he suffered his only two retirements to date. It will therefore be necessary to see if the Dutchman risks both in qualifying and in the sprint race of the Brazilian GP or if he chooses to manage his advantage in the remaining four races. And even more so now that Hamilton will lose five places on Sunday’s grid after having changed the internal combustion unit in his car.

The one who has not speculated every time he has faced a sprint race is Fernando Alonso . ” If everyone ran the sprint as Fernando Alonso runs, in that spirit, I would be very happy, ” said Ross Brawn, FIA sporting director, after the last one held in Monza. On that occasion, the Asturian gained two positions compared to the qualifying session on Friday. Even more spectacular was Alonso’s performance in the first sprint race. He started eleventh and, although he finally finished seventh, he finished fifth after a great start.

Carlos Sainz , for his part, has acknowledged that he is finally fully adapted to his car, which invites him to be optimistic both for the qualifying session and for the Formula 1 Brazilian GP . In addition, both he and Leclerc They face this event with the reassurance that Ferrari has regained third place in the Constructors’ World Championship to the detriment of McLaren . Con should be careful Alpine as AlphaTauri has tied him on points for fifth place.

Where to watch the qualifying session of the Brazilian GP 2021 on TV?

The qualifying session of the Brazilian GP 2021 can be seen on television through DAZN and on the DAZN F1 channel that has enabled the platform in Movistar so that customers who are not subscribed to it can continue enjoying the races. In addition, the qualifying session of the Formula 1 Brazilian GP can be followed with live commentary through the OKDIARIO website half an hour before the start.

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