FunFacebook launches glasses with photo and video camera

Facebook launches glasses with photo and video camera

Technology advances at a dizzying rate almost without us noticing. This week, Facebook has launched sunglasses that have three microphones, two cameras and speakers built into the temples and on the front .

What are the new Facebook glasses like?

Their appearance is normal, but they incorporate different devices to record videos or take photos quickly and upload them instantly to Facebook or Instagram . You can also use the glasses to listen to music!

The best thing is that its use is very comfortable and simple. Although they have a button to shoot the photo or start recording the video, they can be controlled using only your voice .

Although the idea is innovative, they are not the first glasses of this style that we know. Snap already put some for sale that allowed taking photos and recording small videos in 2016 for Snapchat . Since then, the company has released three different versions, each with various designs.


For years, Facebook has been finding inspiration in Snapchat to develop new products and services. Of course, this time he has not limited himself to releasing his own version of camera glasses, but has teamed up with the Luxottica company, owner of the Ray-Ban brand .

Facebook knows very well that users, in addition to functionality, highly appreciate aesthetics, so it has created a model based on the design of Wayfarer sunglasses with this company .

Facebook glasses have been baptized with the name Ray-Ban Stories . The cameras are built in very discreetly, so even though they are visible and there is a light that lights up next to them when they are recording, they are not very obvious.


They have their own internal memory to store 30 half-minute videos or 500 photographs , although the glasses need to be connected to an application to extract the content and upload it to social networks.

The camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and videos are recorded with a resolution of 1,184 x 1,184 pixels, in square format . The internal battery has enough charge for six hours of intermittent use.

And they have the option of wearing graduated glasses ! As for the price, the glasses are worth 329. At the moment they will only be available in Italy, the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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