NewsFarewell: Jauch moderates the last RTL annual review

Farewell: Jauch moderates the last RTL annual review

Finishing with a rap song: after 25 years Günther Jauch has said goodbye to the popular annual review format “People, Images, Emotions”.

Hürth – “For me it was always the show of the year!” – With these words, moderator Günther Jauch said goodbye on Sunday evening after 25 years as host of the RTL annual review “People, Pictures, Emotions”.

“It was always the show that I was most excited about,” said the 65-year-old at the end of the show, which was broadcast live from Hürth. He was said goodbye with a “Jauch-Song” composed especially for him, performed by rapper Eko Fresh. As a surprise for the moderator, the audience put on cardboard masks on which Jauch’s face had been printed.

Farewell greetings and guest celebrities

Prominent guests in Jauch’s last show of the year included Lukas Podolski, Boris Becker, Bushido and Oliver Pocher. As a farewell, tennis star Alexander Zverev gave the 65-year-old the tennis racket with which he had won Olympic gold in Tokyo this year. Farewell greetings also came from Jauch’s long-term colleagues Barbara Schöneberger and Thomas Gottschalk. While Schöneberger was sending a mobile phone greeting, Gottschalk surprised his friend in the studio and congratulated him on the 25th anniversary of the show. Several cuts reminded of the highlights of past programs, such as the visit of the superstar Robbie Williams.

As guests on current issues, a person affected and a volunteer from the flood areas were among the guests. The activist Theresa Breuer, co-founder of the “Kabul Airlift”, reported on the rescue of vulnerable people from Afghanistan and chemist Benjamin List, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this year, explained part of his research.

Corona conversation with Schäuble

Jauch finally spoke about the corona pandemic with CDU politician Wolfgang Schäuble, who spoke out in favor of compulsory vaccination on the show. “If not everyone does it voluntarily, we need a legal regulation,” said the former President of the Bundestag.

At the end of the program, Jauch said goodbye with wet eyes and the sentence: “I’m not out of the world.” The 65-year-old wants to continue moderating the quiz program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, As he had previously said according to RTL announcement .

Jauch first moderated the RTL retrospective show on December 15, 1996. From 1989 to 1995 he had previously presented the annual review “People” on ZDF. dpa

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