News"Fed up": Nena railed against corona rules on stage...

"Fed up": Nena railed against corona rules on stage – the organizer reacted

Nena has criticized the Corona policy several times and showed solidarity with the lateral thinking milieu. After another scandal, Wetzlar pulls the ripcord.

Update from Tuesday, July 27th, 2021, 4:05 p.m.: After pop singer Nena left out about the corona rules at a concert in Berlin on Sunday, the first consequences now follow. The first organizer of the upcoming concerts has canceled a Nena performance. As Dennis Bahl, a representative of the organizer, explained on Facebook, the open air beach chair in Wetzlar will not take place on September 13th.

“It was important to us, and therefore contractually agreed in advance, that the concerts should not be used as a political stage,” he wrote. And further: “As the organizer, we therefore distance ourselves from the statements and the appearance of the artist. As the organizer, it is important to us to ensure the greatest possible degree of security at all concerts so that all guests can experience a carefree evening. “

During her controversial appearance on Sunday, Nena asked her fans to disregard the hygiene concept. The organizer finally canceled the performance before the encore.

Sängerin Nena


Nena has already criticized the corona policy several times. (Archive photo)

Nena rumbles at a concert against Corona rules: “I’m fed up with it”

First report from Monday, July 26th, 2021: Berlin – The pop singer Nena * left out the applicable Corona hygiene measures at her concert on Sunday (July 25th, 2021) in Berlin, which should have actually applied at her concert. For several minutes she defamed the measures and stated that she would not mind if the police took her off the stage. As the Tagesspiegel reports, the public order office finally broke off the concert.

The singer’s questionable outburst can be seen in a video that is circulating on Twitter. You can see the 61-year-old talking about the Corona rules on a stage in front of her fans: “I am threatened that you will break off the show because you do not go into your boxes,” calls Nena into the microphone. “I leave it to your responsibility whether you do that or not.” Everyone is free to decide, “just as everyone is free to decide whether to vaccinate or not. Everyone is welcome with me. ” Thereupon cheers and applause broke out in the audience.

Nena goes on to explain that the whole thing is being “politicized” – that is “completely corrosive”. The singer came up with this theory for the following reason: “Yesterday was Christopher Street Day, and it was completely okay that 80,000 people were close together on the street.” She then shouts: “So turn off the power or get me with the police down here! I don’t fucking care! I’m fed up with it! “

Nena thanked corona deniers in Kassel

It is not the first time that Nena has caused a stir with her statements about Corona. A few days after an escalated demonstration in Kassel, she wrote in an Instagram story: “Thank you Kassel” *. In addition, she showed a video of the demonstrators and underlined this with a song by Xavier Naidoo. This has been making headlines for years because of the propagation of conspiracy theories and its ideological proximity to the Reich Citizens’ Movement as well as right-wing populist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and racist * statements. He also denies the existence of the coronavirus *.

More than 20,000 people demonstrated against the Corona measures in Kassel at the end of March, 6000 would have been allowed. In some cases, they did not adhere to the requirements, such as wearing face mask or maintaining a safe distance.

Nena later stressed that she did not want to show solidarity with rights.

Nena ignores the security concept against Corona

The problem with the concert on Sunday was apparently the so-called cubes, which are set up at concerts so that people keep their distance in order to minimize the risk of infection with the corona virus *. Few spectators fit into the plexiglass boxes: inside and they are open to the stage and upwards. But as can also be seen in the video, a crowd gathered outside the boxes directly in front of the singer’s stage.

According to Tagesspiegel, Nena previously urged her fans several times to come forward to celebrate with her. In addition, some fans left their boxes again and again and were rejected by folders. Nevertheless, Nena repeated her request.

In her address, Nena recalled how she played at drive-in theater concerts last year where the audience was not even allowed to lower the windows. She says: “The question is not what we are allowed to do, but the question is what we can do with us.” Shortly after her angry speech, the concert was canceled by the public order office when Nena had actually wanted to play an encore.

“Think outside the box” rhetoric in Nena: incomprehension among some viewers: inside

In the social networks, some of the viewers report that they left the concert prematurely because of Nena’s “lateral thinking” rhetoric. “I left the Nena concert prematurely. I cannot approve of lateral thinker slogans and hygiene concepts that are not adhered to, ”writes a user on Twitter. (sot) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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