AutoFernando Alonso, aboard the electric Megane E-Tech

Fernando Alonso, aboard the electric Megane E-Tech

A few months ago, Renault began marketing the electric Mégane E-Tech, a vehicle that heralds the start of the Renaulution era, the reconquest of the C-segment for the brand and Renault’s new revolution in the electric segment. Without a doubt, this is a very special launch for the brand, which has wanted to reward its first customers with an action that they will not forget; driving the electric Megane E-Tech at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with an exceptional driver, Fernando Alonso .

The day coincided with the training sessions of the Alpine F1 Team, so customers had the opportunity to start the morning by seeing the team’s work up close from its workshop. After training, Fernando Alonso dedicated the rest of the day to Megane E-Tech electric and its first customers. The three of them had the opportunity to try it for the first time, since Domingo Baena and Xavier Tarrés acquired it as soon as the orders were opened in Spain, without the advertising campaign having even come out nor being able to try it.

Alonso, who has been the image of the Megane and who has also had it as a vehicle on a daily basis, was also very keen to test the new electric version, highlighting its design, its aerodynamics, its braking and soundproofing, and made a special emphasis on the technological nature of the car, especially highlighting its new OpenR Link multimedia system, developed with Google.

For his part, Baena, a driver at an Association for the Elderly in the morning and a worker at a courier company in the afternoon, as soon as he found out that Renault was taking out an electric version of Megane, I have no doubts. Domingo is also a person who is aware of the environmental aspect and the fact of putting his grain of sand in reducing emissions in his day to day life, in addition to the freedom of being able to move freely throughout the city without any restrictions gave him a freedom that he did not want to give up.

Also a faithful follower of Formula 1, “I couldn’t believe that I was at the Montmelló circuit with Fernando Alonso aboard my new Megane E-Tech. At one point on the circuit, Alonso stopped the car and accelerated to the maximum until the curve, been an experience I will never forget,” says Domingo.

He is equally grateful for having an electric vehicle since he plans to travel around the city during the week and many weekends to travel to the house he has in the Palentina Mountain thanks to its 470 km of autonomy.

For his part, Javier Tarrés Vilanova, makes professional trips to visit all the companies in which he audits accounts. For this reason, he had no doubt that his next car should be 100% electric and as a loyal Renault customer, as soon as he heard about the launch of the electric Mégane E-Tech, he knew that this would be his car. He enjoyed every moment of the day in the Montmeló paddock and declares that “it has been a unique experience that will never be repeated again. My thanks to Renault and Fernando Alonso for sharing with us today, it has been something unforgettable “.

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