AutoFiat 500X, the urban adventurer - The 500X is...

Fiat 500X, the urban adventurer – The 500X is released


Every time I do a test it is a new experience for me. In the case of Fiat there is always in the background that Italian flavor full of mixtures that make it have that something so special that it is capable of being sustained in memory for longer than it would bear on its own. Elegance, modernism, retro full of modernity …

And as a sample, a button. In this case, I am going to Turin to test the new Fiat 500X and nothing less than the Cinema Museum. For those of you who don’t know, the first Fiat was born in Turin and Italian Cinema, as you may have already guessed, was also born in Turin.

I find myself under the spell of sitting, or rather, lying down, in a totally open room only interrupted by a hanging elevator with four glass walls. With a height of nine floors decorated on its walls by movie screens, they broadcast perfectly ordered scenes in time. The circuit is carried out through a hanging metal track that adds another spark of excitement.

And with all of the above, which is not small, and under the continent of the movie “back to the future” the new Fiat 500X becomes the protagonist of a script linked with scenes full of illusions and desires.

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting to talk about the car: in this photo gallery we have the space for it. But first, I just wanted to tell you that for those of us who love the motor world, we not only appreciate speed or exquisite avant-garde raised to the seventh power. We love the past, we love people who get excited looking for the latest news on the latest model . That is the engine, passion controlled in a rational way.

And returning to the subject that concerns us in this gallery, I tell you that the new Fiat 500X is updated both aesthetically and technologically. Separating two lines of customers, those looking for a more urban look (Fiat 500 X Urban) and adventurers (Fiat 500X Cross). And if you are half urban and half adventurous, the Fiat 500X City Cross is for you.

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