AutoFiat Tipo Cross: style matters

Fiat Tipo Cross: style matters

SUV fever is reaching heights unimaginable just a decade ago. The taste of the European public is clear and SUVs, whatever the segment they are, have a higher sales success than conventional bodies. Fiat has taken this into account when presenting a new batch of the Fiat Type, which has updated all its bodies: 5-door, 4-door and Station Wagon. Of all the novelties presented by the Italian firm of the FCA group, which now belongs to the Stellantis conglomerate together with PSA, we have been pleasantly surprised by the Fiat Type Cross , the jacket version with aesthetic details typical of a crossover and almost 7 centimeters more in height than down.

Fiat is not the first to present a “common” car suitable for the 4×4 character, in the market we find other options like the Kia XCeed or the Dacia Sandero Stepway. The latter is the only option that would be below the price, the rest are more expensive than the Cross Type that we will talk about in this gallery.

Before moving on to the jacket version, we review the improvements presented by this new Fiat Tipo, which arrives to replace the model presented in 2016. It is not a drastic change in concept, quite the opposite. We are facing a compact saloon with slight aesthetic touches, new engines and some other evolution in the cabin.

In this sense, the Type 2021 incorporates a 12.25-inch touch screen in the upper levels, prepared to offer full compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to two phones at the same time. As a most relevant novelty, we find the 7-inch digital instrumentation, an important qualitative leap for a low-cost model, such as those shown in the list of the 10 cheapest cars on the market.

The Fiat Tipo, available in 5-door, 4-door and Station Wagon versions, will be available in four trim levels: Type, City Life, Life and City Sport. In the Type Cross variants, on the other hand, we can only choose between the Type City Cross or Cross (simply) , with a starting price of 19,522 euros . We tell you more in the following gallery.

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