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Fight for corona vaccination – 13-year-old demonstrates in front of her school

Because she is a risk patient and is afraid of a corona infection, a 13-year-old prefers to sit in front of the school instead. She wants to set a sign.

Hagen – It’s cold outside, at zero degrees, 13-year-old Yasmin T. is sitting at a school desk in the schoolyard. She participates in class via online talk. “I’ll hold out here as long as I have to,” says the Westfalenpost student. The 13-year-old no longer wants to enter the classrooms of her classmates because of the risk of infection. She only comes to school to warm up. Yasmin receives support from both her foster mother and the principal of the Heinrich-Heine-Realschule in Hagen.

Yasmit T. has a pre-existing condition and is therefore a risk patient. She has already been vaccinated against the corona virus three times. The 13-year-old follows the development of the current corona rules very closely. She explains very clearly why she prefers the cold to a room full of classmates: “I follow all hygiene rules. There are many children like me. But there are also those who are not vaccinated and do not follow the rules. And I no longer sit in the same room with them.” Yasmin wants everyone to follow the rules and have one of the corona vaccines administered.

Schoolgirl prefers outdoor lessons because of Corona – authorities are concerned

The 13-year-old gets headwind from the local authorities. The youth welfare office in Hagen is concerned about their well-being. Reinhard Goldbach, head of the city’s youth and social affairs department, to which the youth welfare office belongs, expressed his doubts: “The protest may be well intentioned, but it’s about a 13-year-old child who sits outside in wind and weather and that not overlooked.”

With the help of a school psychological report, he would like to have the girl taught in her own classroom, isolated from her classmates. This compromise would also be conceivable for the district government and the headmistress Corinna Osman. Yasmin doesn’t want that. According to the Westfalenpost, the girl explained that she was deliberately looking for publicity in order to win fellow campaigners for her cause.

13-year-old demonstrates for corona vaccination and hygiene rules – “She wants to fight”

Contrary to the authorities, headmistress Osman would like to comply with this wish: “But if Yasmin insists on staying in the schoolyard, then we will not prevent her from doing so.” The school’s duty of care is nevertheless exercised in the form of hot drinks and an isolated place to Warming up at school, where the girl also spends the breaks. Osman added that Yasmin only stays outside as long as the weather permits.

Osman rejects the youth welfare office’s accusation that the 13-year-old “doesn’t have an overview of the whole thing”. “Yasmin would like to point out grievances, and I think that’s a good thing. She is no longer a toddler, but a very reflective person. She wants to fight,” said the headmistress of the Heinrich-Heine-Realschule of the Westfalenpost.

After a Corona protest at the school, the youth welfare office could take it into care

Reinhard Goldbach remains skeptical. Among other things, he spoke of ordering the girl to be taken into care if Yasmin continued her protest action in the schoolyard.

Osman is not convinced that she also has to focus on the personal development of her protégés, “that’s why anyone with a legitimate interest can speak up at this school.” Yasmin’s foster mother, Cornelia Weber, also supports the 13-year-old: “Yasmin is a person who knows what he wants,” she reports to the Westfalenpost: “I fully support what she does.” (jey)

The booster vaccination against Corona can now also be used by children and adolescents from the age of 12, according to the Stiko recommendation.

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