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Foods that can be eaten even if they are expired according to the OCU

When we go shopping, one of the first things we look at is the expiration date of the food. However, we must bear in mind that some are more perishable than others. Therefore, while fresh meat, fish or cheese should never be consumed once they have expired, there are other foods that can be eaten when the best before date has passed .

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users , there are foods that even after the preferred consumption date continue to be safe for health. Of course, the storage instructions must have been followed to the letter.

The recommendation of the experts is the following: never eat foods beyond their expiration date, but there are some that can be ingested beyond the preferred consumption date .


Any sliced bread has a best before date. We can take it as a reference, but knowing that this food can be eaten beyond this date, as long as it has not started to get bad. If it has traces of mold , it must be thrown away. Can you remove the damaged part and eat the rest? The truth is that no, because mold generates a series of toxins that can spread beyond the visible area.


Now that summer is coming, soft drinks are very common among adults and children. Well, we can also take them beyond the best before date . It is possible that the color or flavor has been altered, but if when drinking we notice that they are good, there is no problem.


As for pasta, it is another of the foods that can continue to be consumed after the indicated date, as long as it is not cooked . It can last up to one more year! Now, with fresh pasta you have to be careful. It should be consumed following the instructions on the manufacturer’s label.


As indicated by the OCU, tomato sauce is another of the foods that we can continue to take after the date that appears on the package, as long as it is closed. If it is open in the fridge , it is best to throw it away if we notice water floating on top, bad smell or discoloration.

These are the foods that can be eaten expired without harming our health!

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