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For fear of corona vaccination? Opponents of vaccination are said to have kidnapped their son abroad

A corona vaccination opponent is said to have kidnapped his son abroad for fear of vaccination. The two may be staying in Panama.

Pforzheim/Kassel – At the beginning of January, a ten-year-old disappeared from Mühlacker in the Enzkreis district of Baden-Württemberg. As the German Press Agency (dpa) reports, the police are currently investigating suspected child abduction. It cannot be ruled out that the father took the boy abroad out of concern for a corona vaccination*.

Accordingly, the boy was with his biological father near Bergisch Gladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) over Christmas. When the mother and her new partner wanted to pick up the child at the agreed meeting point in Cologne, the father never showed up with their son.

Father is said to be a corona vaccination opponent: “Anyone who has been vaccinated will be badly insulted by him”

The alleged motive for the alleged kidnapping is that the father is said to be an opponent of vaccination who absolutely wants to avoid having his son vaccinated against Covid 19. The investigators have said nothing about this so far, but confirmed on Thursday (January 27, 2022) that the two could be outside of Europe. Interpol is now also investigating the case.

“Anyone who has been vaccinated will be badly insulted by him,” the mother told the Bild newspaper. Through a lawyer, the father spoke out to his son’s school against corona tests. In addition, the man is said to have deregistered his son from school by fax with a foreign number.

Ging es für einen Corona-Impfgegner und seinen Sohn aus Angst vor der Impfung nach Panama? (Symbolbild)


Did a corona vaccination opponent and his son go to Panama for fear of the vaccination? (icon picture)

Escape from corona vaccination: are father and son in Panama?

Repeated media reports that the man was in Panama with his son were not confirmed by the police or the public prosecutor for tactical reasons. It is still unclear how the ten-year-old is doing. Because nothing is known about interim contact with the mother or other family. The father faces a prison sentence of up to five years. If the child is harmed, the sentence could even increase to ten years. (Nail Akkoyun)

Recently, a man did not trust the corona vaccination and was specifically looking for a way to get infected with the virus on Telegram *. In December 2021, around 40 percent of parents said they wanted to have their child vaccinated against Corona. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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