AutoFord Ranger: new era for the American pick-up

Ford Ranger: new era for the American pick-up

To speak of pick-ups is to do it of the Ford Ranger , an icon of motorsports that is renewed in 2022 to be delivered in early 2023. It does so with a completely different image, more technological and modern, which will help it maintain the leadership of the segment of pick-ups in Europe. A market in which it recently set the registration record with 45,539 units , with a market share of 39.9%. It is undoubtedly king and its customers continue to rely on its reliability, robustness and off-road capability to serve them as fun or in the workplace. Thanks to this success, F ord has been able to establish very well the needs and requests of its customers but has also wanted to get involved with them by conducting more than 5,000 interviews with owners. From those questions they got the ideas for this new generation: “Customers told us that the Ranger has to look tough and it has to inspire confidence, ” recalled Max Tran, Ranger chief designer. “They were very clear on what the Ranger should be, both how it looks and how it makes them feel.” Something that we certainly see in this new 2022 Ford Ranger.

Buying a Ford Ranger goes beyond the acquisition of a vehicle that takes you from point A to point B. We were able to verify this recently in a presentation in the green mountains of Carballo (Galicia) , at the facilities of La Base Motor Club. This amusement park for adults allowed us to take full advantage of the current Ford Ranger range, which will be replaced by the model that we present today. The essence remains the same, even the silhouette remains, but the aesthetic touch on the front, and more square lines in the rest of the body, have been key to raising its technological aspect.

The jump had a very clear objective: “to make this Ranger the strongest and most capable we have ever created,” said Graham Pearson, Ranger Vehicle Program Director. For this they have developed a bolder and more daring but functional design, necessary to host the 3.0-liter V6 biturbo diesel block that will be available in their portfolio. It will also have 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Single-Turbo options , focused on tighter fuel consumption.

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