AutoFord technology for greater driver concentration

Ford technology for greater driver concentration

Head-up displays have long enabled drivers to stay focused on the road. But now Ford engineers are testing a new headlight technology that could help those behind the wheel literally keep their eyes on it. The new technology can project directions, speed limits or weather information onto the road so that the driver’s eyes stay on the road ahead.

The night can pose a greater risk for driving. In Spain, 29% of traffic accidents occur at night. This risk increases every time the driver takes his eyes off the road. A vehicle traveling at 90 km/h travels 25 meters per second, which means that even a brief glance at the navigation on the car’s screen can mean ‘driving blind’ for ten meters or more. On an unlit road, this could mean missing an important sign or curve .

The projection of information on the road through high-resolution headlights could also benefit other users. For example, a crosswalk could be projected onto the road, for both driver and pedestrian view, in situations where existing road markings are faded or unclear. Other possibilities are to show a path for the driver to follow and make sure to pass bicyclists at a safe distance.

The technology could provide the driver with information about weather changes , such as snowfall, fog, slippery surfaces, or an icy road ahead. The headlight’s connection to the navigation system could show upcoming turns, and the width of the vehicle could even be projected onto the road, helping the driver to judge whether the vehicle will fit into a gap or a parking space. The effort to make night driving more comfortable is part of Ford’s commitment to developing technologies that serve and inspire the way people live and work, to make life easier, now and in the future.

“What started as a game with a projector and a blank wall could take lighting technologies to a whole new level. Now there is the potential to do much more than just illuminate the road, to help reduce the stress of driving.” at night. The driver would be able to get essential information without having to take their eyes off the road,” said Lars Junker , Advanced Driver Assistance Systems features and software manager at Ford of Europe.

Likewise, and always focusing on greater safety for the driver, as well as for the rest of the passengers traveling in the vehicle, Ford also has many other assistance options. These include the Intelligent Protection System, the Inflatable Rear Seat Belt, Wheel Stability Control, Emergency Brake Assist, Pre-Collision Assistant with Pedestrian Detection and a Cornering Control System, among others. .

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