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Fortnite week 5: how to complete all the missions of Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 brings the fifth batch of legendary and epic missions to level up fast in the Battle Pass. This time he will interact with a citizen band radio, dance near Zyg and Cortecitos and make a parasite stick.

Below you have all the missions of week 5 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with map and video in case you need them.

Below you have all the leaked challenges of week 5 in Season 7. We will update with their corresponding guide when they are available in the game.

Legendary missions from week 5 in Season 7

Receive orders from Slone through a public phone

The only difficulty is to go to a public telephone and, as we have seen in previous challenges, there are dozens of them scattered around the map. Bus stops and cities are your best option to find a quick one. The one at the south exit of Parque Placentero may be a good option.

Interact with a citizen band radio

As simple as going to a citizen band radio and interacting with it. You have five in total in Costa Believer , and if you have trouble finding one, you can find it to the east and west of the caravan area.

Place welcome gifts in Semillero Sagrado

You need to place two welcome gifts and the easiest to find are at the front and back of the southernmost house in Semillero Sagrado.

Deploy a cube of alien nanomachines

It is a new crafting material that you can find walking around the map like mechanical pieces or bones. This time around, instead of spending it to craft a weapon, simply toss it to spawn a Nanomachine Cube .

Dance near Zyg and Cortecitos

It is time to go to the factory next to the dam to the south of the map, mark a dance next to the NPC and mission completed.

Make an alien parasite stick and talk to Sunny

To find a parasite it seems that the best way is to go to the factory between Alameda Afligida and Semillero Sagrado. There, in addition, you will be able to find a UFO with which to travel to the east side of the Costa Believer beach, where you will find Sunny .

Epic missions from week 5 in Season 7

Destroy computer equipment in satellite stations or in the Current Complex

As simple as going to satellite stations and destroying OI equipment.

Deal damage to IO guards

We will have to do a total of 250 points of damage to OI guards that are in the Current Complex or in satellite stations.

Eliminate intruders

You must kill two aliens by blowing up their ships and then fight them.

Deal damage with alien or IO weapons

As simple as getting one of those weapons or creating one based on nanomachines and hitting shots.

Record supply deliveries

Here Team Skirmish is always the best option to get smooth supply deliveries.

Deal damage to a piloted saucer

If you see a flying saucer, shoot until the mission is complete.

Open an RO chest at a satellite station or Stream Complex

It does not have too much mystery. The only difficulty is in the OI agents that are around and all the other players who will try to do the same.

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