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Gastro company shows a special find: "The oldest receipt of the company"

Created: 08/16/2022, 2:46 p.m

Kassenzettel von 1926
Historical find: A receipt from 1926. © Screenshot/ Instagram/tischergastro

A Heidelberg catering company discovers the receipt from 1926 and posts a photo on Instagram. Most of it is still legible.

Heidelberg – There is probably more discussion and reporting about the white strips of paper that you receive after each payment at the checkout than you might think. Either it is about the nature of the receipts, which are now printed in supermarkets on more environmentally friendly paper. Or their length, which sometimes approaches an entire scroll.

What is printed often also plays a role, of course it is usually about the amount. As with an Edeka customer who suspected nothing good about it. Or a McDonald’s customer wondering about the price of whipped cream. A long-established gastro company from Heidelberg can definitely keep up with these events. What is particularly impressive about this receipt is the date of issue.

Old receipt found: Receipt from 1926 is still legible

The company posts a photo of the historic receipt on its Instagram channel. They write: “Our latest contribution shows the oldest receipt from the Johann Tischer company. This was handed out on July 29, 1926. Has something, right?“. The piece of paper is 96 years old, but most of it is still legible.

At that time, the company probably sold a gravy boat, three bowls and three platters for around 60 Reichsmarks. At that time, one Reichsmark was about four euros. So the purchase cost around 240 euros. A purple stamp confirms receipt of the amount on July 29, 1926. The Johann Tischer company has been furnishing catering establishments with tables, settings, buffets and kitchens since 1907.

Receipt from 1926: Does anyone have an even older receipt?

So far, no one has responded to the company’s question on Instagram if anyone found an even older receipt at home. After all, a piece of paper that is almost 100 years old can hardly be topped.

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