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Gear review: the Adidas Wandertag jacket

When I shop for the right clothes to accompany me on my travels, I usually look for some very specific qualities. I want gear that is lightweight, highly packable, and performs well, even when the weather conditions get worse. I appreciate the durability and versatility, of course, and if it turns out it looks good and is affordably priced, all the better. That happens with a fitting description of the Wandertag Jacket from Adidas, a comfortable outer shell specifically designed for outdoor activities and travel.


adidas adventure

Adidas is a brand that is closely associated with sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis or running. But in recent years, the company has also been quietly building a prominent outdoor brand. The outdoor and adventure travel gear that makes up this line features a number of excellent hiking, backpacking and trail running products. Much of that gear features innovative designs, advanced technical materials, and well-thought-out features that help make it versatile enough to use on the go.

The Wandertag Jacket falls squarely into that category, giving adventure travelers an added layer that will keep them warm and dry in a variety of climates.

Made from a proprietary material called Climaproof, the Wandertag is built to perform well in harsh weather conditions. Those fabrics were designed by Adidas to repel moisture and breathe efficiently, expelling hot air and preventing the body from getting too hot or cold depending on the conditions. Climaproof fabrics wear well in this jacket and as a result it is very comfortable to wear on active excursions when cold temperatures, wind, rain or light snow are forecast.


Made for the active traveler

Adidas designers also had the foresight to include a comfortable stand-up collar to add more protection from the wind, and a hidden hood that can be cleverly hidden within that collar when not in use. A mesh-lined interior also helps vent moisture from the body, helping to keep the user comfortable in humid environments. These small details give the impression that this jacket was not only randomly paired, but was designed with outdoor enthusiasts and travelers in mind.

However, the Wandertag’s excellent performance in bad weather is just one feature that makes it a good option for active travelers. It also features external zippered pockets that are great for keeping important items safe, including small cameras, a cell phone, or even some cash. A hidden internal pocket is also a nice addition, providing the user with a place to conveniently store a wallet or passport away from prying eyes from would-be thieves.

Lightweight and packable

I especially appreciated that the Wandertag delivered such outstanding performance while still managing to remain incredibly light. The jacket compresses to a size that makes it super easy to pack as well, allowing travelers to take it with them wherever they go. As someone who likes to travel as light as possible, I expect my equipment to perform at a high level, without adding excessive bulk to my bags. The Wandertag fits that description very well while remaining comfortable to wear and provides good protection from the weather.

And when not in use, I could easily slip it into my backpack and forget I even carried it with me. It was always nice to know he was there if I needed him, but it didn’t stop me either.

The jacket also has a very stylish look which adds to its overall versatility as well. Clothing designed for outdoor use is often overly technical in design that looks like it was designed to be worn on a trail. But the Wandertag will be at home in the country, strolling through town or dining out with friends. That’s something travelers can appreciate as it means having to carry fewer items with us when we hit the road.

Affordable performance

Perhaps the best feature of the Wandertag is its price. Adidas sells this jacket for just $ 99, which is an exceptional value for a well-performing piece of outdoor gear. While it won’t compete with some of the higher end jackets designed for trekking or alpine climbing, it is an exceptional value for those who don’t need that level of performance from their gear. That said, with its ability to withstand wear and tear, the Wandertag is a product of sufficient quality that it will accompany you on many adventures for years to come.

However, a word of caution for those considering purchasing this jacket. The Wandertag’s design is designed to fit form and as such works a bit on the smaller size. If you prefer your jackets to offer a roomier fit, you may consider going up one size to gain more space. The same is true if you plan to wear this jacket as part of a layering system, with the potential to add a base layer or fleece sweater underneath. You’ll be happy to have the extra space, as the Wandertag’s cut can be a bit confined otherwise.

That caveat aside, this jacket is an easy product to recommend. It looks great, it’s lightweight, and it performs at an incredibly high level. Consider the very competitive price, and Adidas has a real winner on their hands. It even pairs nicely with Wandertag pants for added protection against the elements.

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