EntertainmentMovies & TVGeraldine Bazán, the resilient role in "False identity"

Geraldine Bazán, the resilient role in "False identity"

The Mexican actress defines her character as Marlene in this audiovisual production and fondly remembers the time when she worked in Colombia.

A few years ago you recorded the telenovela “Victoria” in Colombia. How do you remember your experience in this country?

The truth is that it was after I had left Mexico for Miami that I had the opportunity to be in Colombia. I was 24 years old and it was an incredible experience. While I was choosing an apartment, I was in a hotel, I felt alone, at first I was not there, but when I began to work, to know and to live with Colombians, I discovered that we have many things in common. I was surprised by the way they treat people, and I was also fascinated by the way they work. I was in Bogotá, I visited Santa Marta, Tayrona Park, Medellín, Cartagena and all those places I went alone. I made great friends there.

Right now you are on the air with the role of Marlene in the novel “False Identity”, how could you define your character?

Marlene is a strong, determined and resilient woman. She was orphaned very young and in the care of her younger sister. She puts aside her dreams and ideals to work and give well-being to her sister, she sent her to study abroad so that she could have a better future. Marlene left Sonora to live in Mexico City and work as a professional dancer at Babel. There she gets involved with a man much older than her, she found in him a remedy for many emotional deficiencies she had and in the end it doesn’t turn out very well … we’re talking about the villain in the story, who is Alejandro Camacho.

Marlene is a dancer, what was the biggest challenge in representing her?

Definitely, Marlene was a challenge, each project is really, in other cases you already know how to handle them, because it is the same line, but in this one it was dance and although I like to dance and I am good at dancing, I am not a professional dancer, so I have no training in the trade. The physical challenge was very big, although I loved it, we prepared a lot before starting the filming, there were many hours of rehearsal to be able to mount each of the shows. We were a group of actresses who impersonated dancers, so it is not like a dancer who understands her world, we needed preparation and still the result was incredible and we enjoyed it.

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Who was inspired to create Marlene?

My inspiration… one of the incredible things is that Marlene did aerial dance and my oldest daughter had been taking classes in this modality for three or four years and I told her: ‘you have to help me’, and we did. In addition, it was very special for me because we became very close as a family and I like that it is part of my projects.

What has Geraldine Bazán learned in acting?

Many things. Now I define myself as a clear woman in what I want and what not, resilient and conscious. Thanks to acting, every day I meet a woman who is more aware in all aspects, on the staff from my relationship, and aware that it is my job, it is a blessing and it is a responsibility.

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What are your projects?

Now I am calm, because at the end of last year I had a knee accident, I broke my ligaments while skiing in January, so I had knee surgery and I am still recovering. I was on crutches for a couple of months, I am much better, but not 100%, so I decided to give myself a space not to enter a project without being physically well, but I can tell you that I will soon enter the business world.