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"Getting youth back": Penny commercial shows the sad consequences of the corona pandemic

A Penny commercial focuses on the consequences of the corona pandemic for young people. The Christmas clip is discussed a lot on the internet.

Frankfurt – During the Christmas season we all get a little more emotional. Especially since the beginning of the corona pandemic and the severe restrictions on private life, many people have become aware of the happiness of the little things in life.

The younger generation is particularly suffering from the current situation. The standstill of public life, curfews and contact restrictions mean that adolescents lose what is perhaps the most beautiful and most important time of their lives: their youth. This is exactly what the new Penny Christmas commercial points to. The clip is very well received on the Internet.

Penny’s Christmas commercial: “I wish you could get your youth back”

In keeping with the emotional Christmas season, the discounter Penny comes around the corner with its sentimental commercial “Der Wunsch”. Because what worked five years ago at Edeka could also work in 2021. At that time Edeka released the Christmas clip “#heimkommen”. A lonely pensioner had lured his family home for Christmas with an obituary notice. The spot became an internet hit and to date has been clicked more than 68 million times on YouTube.

This year Penny is giving it a try with a four-minute Christmas commercial. “The Desire” addresses the consequences of the corona pandemic and the lost lifespan of young people. The framework of the clip is a nocturnal conversation between mother and son at the kitchen table. When the son asks what the mother wants for Christmas, he enumerates all possible youthful sins and the wish that her son commit them all: sneaking out secretly and getting drunk, partying, letting school drag, finding the right girl and lose again – live your life.

All of these scenes take place in your mind’s eye. The commercial ends with the words “I just wish that you get your youth back”. The recordings are underlaid with a soulful ball end version of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”.

Penny commercial for Christmas turns into an internet hit

The reason for the advertisement is a raffle by the discounter. Penny is giving away a total of 5,000 experience vouchers to give back at least a small piece of their youth to the children and young people. The clip is making waves on the Internet. “The Wish” is shared thousands of times on Twitter. The spot stimulates discussion. Politicians in particular do not do well in the debate. The accusation: The discounter understands the younger generation better than large parts of German politics. “What’s going on there? A supermarket chain is making the spot that I actually want to see before the news, together with a vaccination call ”, shares a user of the commercial and links Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU).

“Has anyone seen ‘The Desire’ from Penny?” Says another user. “It hits my mother’s heart … advertising or not.” But politics itself also reacts to the Penny commercial. Peter Heilrath (Die Grünen) writes on Twitter: “This is the most impressive advertisement that I have seen in a very, very long time. I take off my hat ”. There is a #Penny underneath.

Disney also tried a new commercial for the Christmas season this year. Nelson Müller is one of them. (aa)

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