NewsGhislaine Maxwell is in custody for Christmas

Ghislaine Maxwell is in custody for Christmas

The confidante of the late millionaire Jeffrey Epstein will spend Christmas in custody – a verdict in her trial for sexual abuse of minors is pending.

New York – In the abuse trial against the former partner of the late millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the jury wants to continue its deliberations on the Monday after Christmas.

An offer from Judge Alison Nathan to meet again on Thursday was rejected by the jury. In the trial, the defendant Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of having played a central role as an assistant in setting up a ring for the sexual abuse of minors.

Counts and Trial

The 59-year-old is charged on six counts, including trafficking minors for abuse purposes. If convicted, she faces 70 years imprisonment on all counts. Maxwell has always denied the allegations and refrained from making a statement during the trial. She will now spend Christmas and her 60th birthday on December 25th in custody.

The defense presented the case from the start as a legal settlement with their client, since the public prosecutor could no longer prosecute Epstein itself. The 66-year-old was found unconscious in his prison cell while preparing for the abuse trial against him in August 2019 and was pronounced dead in the hospital. An autopsy report found suicide.

The trial against Maxwell, originally scheduled for six weeks, could end much earlier. After only three weeks and twelve days of trial with testimony, the closing arguments were presented for six hours on Monday. The jury then began deliberations, which then lasted all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to CNN information, the jury had interrogation protocols from several plaintiffs and witnesses presented. dpa

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